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More Coronavirus Lunacy

Sophia C Botha
Mar 19 · 3 min read

Oh trust libertarian douche Ron Paul to suggest the Coronavirus is a hoax, the former Congressman claimed in a video posted on his YouTube channel the old far-right talking point that the Coronavirus is being used by the government to come after people’s guns, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you had alt-right fuckwits snarling from mom’s basement that the Coronavirus is an elaborate hoax for the government to become more authoritarian and socialistic and come after their guns precious guns.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a something of a political idol particularly to libertarian Free Talk Live fucktards and I hear they’ve been continuing to persist with their ‘I’m alright Jack fuck everybody else’ attitude in response to the Coronavirus with the show’s main host Ian Bernard saying on the most recent edition of FTL that protecting lives isn’t worth the price of him having to sacrifice his freedom, Jesus fucking wept what a an utterly selfish cunt!

Ian Bernard = utterly selfish cunt!

As well as Alex Jones claiming the silver nano toothpaste he’s been hawking could cure the Coronavirus being the snake-oil conman he is, he’s been claiming the Coronavirus is a Chinese bioweapon, now what is sad about Jones is there is possibly a grain of truth to some of the bullshit he spouts, I’d not dismiss the possibility that COVID-19 isn’t a bioweapon engineered by the Chinese military even though that’s the plot from the post-apocalyptic 1970s BBC drama Survivors and claiming COVID-19 is the fault of the Chinese military is more then likely Jones pushing a xenophobic narrative similar to the racist bullshit Fox News has been peddling about the source of the Coronavirus.

Fox News has finally recognised the Coronavirus crisis in a complete U-turn to the bullshit it’s anchors have been spewing for several weeks in downplaying the COVID outbreak and anchor Trish Regan going as far saying that the supposed ‘liberal media’ where whipping up mass hysteria about COVID-19 as a means to undermine Donald Trump, all the while constantly referring to Coronavirus as Chinese Coronavirus which of course isn’t pushing a Xenophobic narrative at all is it and we wonder why attacks on Chinese people and Chinese own businesses have increased.

I read there was a violent racist attack on staff at a Chinese takeaway based in Runcorn and I’d suspect there might have and will be further attacks against Chinese people as well as Chinese owned businesses which will not get reported, meanwhile drunken racist gammon if not using the Coronavirus as an excuse to clobber Chinese people are making me feel fucking embarrassed to be British by flaunting the lockdown in Spain and staging a drunken party outside an apartment block in Benidorm whilst chanting at the police “we’ve all got the virus na na na na” at Spanish police, but gammon in Benidorm aren’t the only numpties unfuckinghelpfully not giving a fuck about possibly of spreading the Coronavirus, there still have been thousands of Spring Break revellers in Florida most of them are of course youngsters who think the Coronavirus is a boomer remover or boomer doomer which won’t affect them, yeah well even if your infected with the Coronavirus and it doesn’t kill you then don’t come crying to me when it leaves your lungs scarred because you thought you’d be okay because there aren’t any doorknobs at the beach.

Sophia C Botha

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