Fake News

I, just like many other teenagers, spend the majority of my time on social media. Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and even Facebook are my go to’s. I also would like to mention I’m pretty uninterested in politics. I very rarely open a newspaper or turn on the news but this past presidential election changed that.

The first thing I noticed was how liberal everything on social media was. This didn’t bother me and I eagerly read everything that was said, not even questioning validity. I was naiive and genuinely thought that nobody would write a whole article on something completely made up. The things that I was reading really had me questioning whether or not I wanted to identify and side with the Republicans. I just kept on believing what I had been reading, mainly on Tumblr and Twitter.

Facebook was a different story. I started seeing fake news articles around September/October when the cutthroat election was about to come to a close. Family members and people I’m friends with, along with many others were sharing these hard to believe stories like wildfire. The stories were so out there that I began questioning them and reading them myself.

Not only have I started to research true stories, but the people behind the fake ones. These people in other countries are taking advantage of us by spreading rumors and lies about the people that are running our country. This type of fake news has impacted America and how people view our leaders. These people are making a profit by simply lying.

Seeing fake news frustrates me but at the same time I feel as if it’s our responsibility as American citizens to inform ourselves on the truth and look out for fake news sites. We are lucky to not have a government that censors what we see online.

I hope the candidates in the 2020 election are more protected from fake news than Trump and Hillary were.

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