Are We Done Yet?

I’m only a junior in high school, but for some reason I have decided to take on all the responsibilities of a full time college student. There’s so many plus sides of getting free college while still being in high school, however, I’ve come to realize why college students are among the most depressed and stressed out people.

When I was younger I was under the impression that college was fun and nobody really did anything but party and sometimes study a little bit. I learned this was definitely not going to be true when I started spending close to four hours a night on homework from just two classes.

Because of the constant stress put on college students I’ve started to notice that our biggest downfall is our motivation. I’ve noticed this a lot in myself since making the switch from part time to full time college student.

This is because of insanely long classes (an hour and forty minutes of calculus??) and long assignments that are more than undesirable. And yet, we are given so much freedom and so many more responsibilities that we just don’t know what to do with ourselves. We are told by professors that attendance isn’t mandatory, that we will receive extra credit, and certain tests will be dropped. This causes students to just do the bare minimum, then we wonder why we’re suddenly failing a class.

We are forced to take classes that have nothing to do with our intended major, which results in us being bored and not being motivated to do good in said class.

I think professors need to realize that we are in other classes and we aren’t the most motivated people to begin with. Sitting through hour long lectures and doing boring assignments are not going to motivate us or want us to do good. If professors would be more helpful and encouraging I think that there would be a lot less slacking and an overall better outcome of student grades throughout the semester.

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