I was too young to even remember my first Indians game. I’ve grown up at Jacob’s field and all my summers have been spent devoted to ‘The Boys of Summer.’ To my family, this team is everything. We have spent countless birthdays, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, and most days in between at The Jake cheering on our boys.

I vividly remember summer days sitting in the back of my dad’s pickup listening to Tom Hamilton announce the games, looking out the window watching the country roads fly by as he announced a fly ball. To this day I refuse to listen to anyone else. He embodies how every Indians fan reacts to an amazing out, or yet another homerun. You’ll always be able to tell how they’re doing by his tone and I’ve never heard an announcer better than him. Everyone loves him, especially my Gram.

My Great Grandma is the biggest Indians fan I’ve ever met. I swear I get my love for this team from her. Even at 89 years old she listens to every game and is able to keep up with the team even though she is losing her eyesight very quickly. Her excitement about a win or even a run is so contagious. I’ve gotten to know so many fans like her who share the same love and excitement about this team and it has brought us together as fans and as a community. We all come to Rally Together.

And it’s all about the kids. I feel like all Indians fans have been fans since they were kids. You hear stories from all kinds people- growing up going to games with their dads and grandpa’s. For these fans it’s not about winning, it’s about the love for our city, our team, and this wonderful sport.

From spring training in Florida, to opening days, and last home games, I’ve seen this team through a lot. My favorites would have to be when Jim Thome played his last game before retiring as an Indian. He came in as a pinch hitter and the entire stadium was on their feet. The fireworks after that game gave me chills and filled me with so much hometown pride as they were set not to music, but to Tom Hamilton announcing a play or run made by Thome. The other would have to be when I got to meet Carlos Baerga and Kenny Lofton with my brother and sister for their birthday. Because we have season tickets we accumulate points and we decided to use these towards meeting two of the greatest Indians hall of famers. They were so down to earth and they even whipped with us. This team has created some of the best memories for my family.

August 28, 2015, meeting Kenny Lofton and Carlos Baerga.

I love the feeling of being apart of something- this community of people who are all there in support of the same thing that we all care so deeply about.

Now they’re in the World Series. This is something that I have been waiting for ever since I knew what it was. I was sitting in my boyfriend’s basement when it happened. We were watching and it didn’t even hit me until the tbs announcer said it. “And the Indians advance to the World Series!” I couldn’t help but cry. I then called my mom who was sitting at home wearing her Party at Napoli’s shirt that she rarely even takes off anymore. All she could say was “They did it.”

I’m getting emotional even writing this. My sense of pride is through the roof no matter if they win or lose. This team is able to bring so many people together despite everything else that is going on and we are able to sit back and enjoy the team that we all love. Right now I have the radio on to listen to Tom Hamilton and the tv on Fox8 so I can watch. It’s game 5 and if they win tonight then they win the World Series. My fingers are crossed. The curse on Cleveland has been broken and The Boys of Summer are showing the rest of the US how we do it Cle.

I have so much love for this city and this team.

*update- there’s always next year :)*

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