Female empowerment 1 > 0

At first when I watched the new ad from Georg Jensen I was like, na not for me this one. (I’m aware it’s now been out nearly 3 weeks, thanks.)

But then I thought about it and I realised I seriously, seriously love ‘you’ll always be too much for someone’. I actually shared a similar post on Instagram not long ago, ‘You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people.’ Why? Because it’s easy to listen to the critics, lower yourself standards and not be true to yourself. Fact.

For all the females reading this that have been called ‘bossy’, ‘pushy’, ‘know-it alls’ at some point in there life, (I’m pretty sure there’s a few of us) I think you might like this one.

Wait for it, I like it that much, I’d probably buy a piece of their jewellery and feel empowered wearing it because of this. Then again, at £13,500… Never mind, the point is that even it was cheap and high-street-esk, I would still feel really bloody good.

Only real negatives for me are as follows. I feel that they could have lost the VO ‘Don’t apologise for who you are’ — it feels a bit too say-see. The other is that I’m left unsure as to why they have titled Dominique Crenn ‘worlds best female chef’ yet not mentioned ‘female XX’ for any of the others who feature. Surely she’s simply a world-class chef, just as Susanne Bier is an award-winning film director? Logic leads me to believe this has been done for a reason, and I’m dying to know that reasoning.

All in all, great stuff. I love an intense ad don’t I.