Dr. Simon Ourian is a cosmetic dermatologist as a vocation and a sculptor by avocation. However, in his mind, cosmetic dermatologist and sculptor are not divisible. He said the his field is the study of human anatomy and the classic art of sculpting that has been the most vital aspect of what has helped him to achieve realistic, natural results for his patients over the year.

Dr. Simon Ourian paid a close attention to details whether in his medical office or art studio. This focus is what made him a master of his field. For him, his cosmetic and sculpting work are very similar. He described it as a pointillist painting where numerous small changes result into an integrated whole.

In 1998, the good doctor found Epione Beverly Hills. It was one of the first facilities in California committed to the practice of aesthetic laser procedures and non-invasive procedures. Many consider Dr. Simon Ourian as a leading authority in the utilization of lasers for non-invasive treatments. The doctor developed notably the Coolbeam™ and Coolaser™ procedures.

Dr. Ourian has an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology. He received his medical degree from Wayne State University in Michigan. While he was receiving training at UCLA, he was attracted by the field of aesthetic and laser surgery.

In 1998, he got a vision of a center where everyone could receive treatment using the last advances in anti-aging and aesthetic medical technology. The purpose of Epione Beverly Hills is to serve as the most comprehensive, state-of-the art aesthetic and laser surgery facility in the world. In this center, Dr. Ourian provides the recent treatments for all kinds of skin disorders including numerous innovative aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, vein treatment, stretch mark removal, and Radiesse, Restylane, and Botox injections.

Dr. Ourian designed Epione Beverly Hills with the objective of providing his patients privacy, convenience, and comfort. This center is specialized in the most current technology available for body contouring, hair, and skin. The doctor set up a forum for offering his customers with the highest level of personal care and attention. Dr. Ourian trains personally his staff to work as a team with his patients in order to create or restore their wanted appearance.

In many national and international publications, Dr. Simon Ourian has been featured as a leading authority. These publications include USA Today, Redbook, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopoilitan. The doctor convinced also some of the TV channels on his skills. He was featured on television segments for Fox News, Discovery, NBC News, and Extra.

For many patients who benefitted from his services, Dr. Ourian cares genuinely about the little ones no matter their financial status. Dr. Ourian is always ready to treat and help everyone who needs his services. The huge part of his success, according to many of his clients, is the way he cares about people. He is always ready to making sure that all is right and good for his clients.

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