Three years ago, I wrote this essay about my ongoing struggle with binge eating. In it, I detailed my longstanding struggle with my seemingly endless appetite and predilection to stuffing huge amounts of food in my face. I had no solutions as of yet, but I was now out of the closet about this behavior that haunted me.

Since writing that essay, I’ve received dozens of emails from readers asking about my journey of recovery — where am I at now with it? Do I have any wisdom I could impart?

In these three years since, I’ve learned so much…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about self-love lately.

It started when two months ago, after a long stretching period of existential depression, I was visited by a lover from overseas. The two weeks that he was here were nothing short of magic — I was temporarily living life in technicolor as I “played house” with this wonderful human.

Then he left, because that’s what people do when they’re visiting from another country. And suddenly, everything about my life felt unbearably empty. I woke up every morning with an excruciating, dull, lonely ache in my chest. Did I really live my…

An inside look at the inner workings of a technology you may take for granted

Illustration by Aaron Krolik/The New York Times

If you’re like most people in America, you use a text editor nearly every day. Whether it’s your basic Apple Notes, or something more advanced like Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Medium, our text editors allow us to record and render our important thoughts and information, enabling us to tell stories in the most engaging ways.

But you might not have ever thought about how those text editors work under the hood. Every time you press a key, hundreds of lines of code may be executing to render your desired character on the page. …

I’ve always felt deeply drawn to New Years Resolutions. I’m a sucker for that “clean slate” feeling, and with my birthday kicking off the year on January 1, it feels like a further amplified opportunity for a new beginning.

But everyone knows that traditional resolutions — vague and ungrounded statements like “go to the gym more” — rarely last or produce any meaningful change. As someone who relishes structure and organization, I prefer to treat resolutions with a bit more thought and care.

As I considered possible resolutions for this year, I thought about what 2017 was missing for me…

Self. Film portrait by Lou Roole

How deeply-rooted feelings of unworthiness have kept me eternally single

I’ve barely dated anyone in my life.

In fact, despite being 24 in New York City, I haven’t been in any sort of romantic relationship in over three years, even for just a week or two. My longest relationship ever lasted two months — eight months if you count the lead-up to it — and on average, I’m physically intimate with someone maybe a few times a year.

I generally don’t mind being single, but my unusual pattern begs the question: Why don’t I date more? When people ask me that question, I always say, “it just doesn’t happen to…

Image credit: Viktor Hanacek

After graduating from the Grace Hopper Program (an all-women’s coding bootcamp) this summer, I spent the following three months on a Teaching Fellowship, mentoring the next cohort of GH students, and began my post-bootcamp job search in the second week of September.

During my seven weeks on the search, I connected with 45 companies and received four offers. It’s now the end of October and I just signed on with The New York Times! I definitely caught some lucky breaks, and my own privilege certainly played a part in my success. …

A software engineer explains the science behind personalized music recommendations

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This Monday — just like every Monday before it — over 100 million Spotify users found a fresh new playlist waiting for them called Discover Weekly. It’s a custom mixtape of 30 songs they’ve never listened to before but will probably love, and it’s pretty much magic.

I’m a huge fan of Spotify, and particularly Discover Weekly. Why? It makes me feel seen.

The user’s home dashboard in our app, Align

A simple step-by-step guide to go from idea to deployed app

My three months of coding bootcamp at the Grace Hopper Program have come to a close, and the title of this article is actually not quite true — I’ve now built three full-stack apps: an e-commerce store from scratch, a personal hackathon project of my choice, and finally, a three-week capstone project. That capstone project was by far the most intensive— a three week journey with two teammates — and it is my proudest achievement from bootcamp. It is the first robust, complex app I have ever fully built and designed.

As most developers know, even when you “know how…

Photo from WOCinTech chat Flickr (and yes, I’m aware that’s not actually JavaScript! ^)

What I Learned in Coding Bootcamp, Part 1

I’m currently a student at one of New York’s top coding bootcamps — Fullstack’s Grace Hopper Program. I just completed the first six weeks, otherwise known as “Junior Phase”. This is the “straight-up learning portion”, full of lectures and workshops, in which students learn all of the concepts that we’ll go on to apply in longer projects in Senior Phase.

I can already hear senior developers screaming at me through my screen: “You can’t possibly learn full-stack JavaScript in six weeks! Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near an expert, and I’ve spent a LOT of hours at my bootcamp…

Photos from WOCinTech chat Flickr

I’m really doing it: Starting next week, I will be a student at the Grace Hopper Program, an all-women’s branch of Fullstack Academy, one of the top coding bootcamps in NYC. If all goes well, by the end of 2017 I will be a full-time software developer.

My friends are shocked, but to be honest, this has been a long time coming.

My affinity for coding began when I was 11 years old, spending hours each day after school on the computer coding layouts for Xanga, Myspace, and Neopets user profiles and offering them free online to people around the…

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