Handy Steps to Download Video in Opera using Add-ons

Opera is a free web browser that can run on different operating systems, including Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Among its features are add-ons that let you download videos when surfing the Internet. This feature can be useful for you, especially if you wish to add video to presentations, media projects and training materials. Some famous Opera extensions are given below help you download the video in Opera.

Flash Video Downloader

1. Launch Opera. If it’s not installed on the system, you should download it from the official site of the Opera. Once it’s appeared, navigate to the Opera plug-ins page.

2. In the add-ons search field, input the ‘Flash Video Downloader,’ click on the link once it displays. Click ‘Add to Opera’ option, and then the ‘Install’ option. It lets you download Flash videos from all multimedia sharing websites, such as DailyMotion and YouTube.

3. Navigate to the video sharing site in Opera. Once you find a particular video you require downloading, click on the blue arrow under the address bar of Opera. A drop-down list appears that illustrates a list of all different video formats for you to download. You can select from MP4 or FLV files and choose a low or high-quality video version.

4. Click the ‘Download’ button beside the video version you require downloading. Click the ‘Right-click to save’ button, and then the ‘Save.’

5. Input the file name under the ‘File name’ field and install the extension listed in the instructions beyond the link to save it on the PC.

6. Click the ‘Save’ button. When the file is downloaded, it will display in the video media player.

Note: — In the case of any problems due to the Opera add-ons, you can seek the solution contacting Opera, customer support experts.

FastestTube — YouTube Video Downloader

1. Go to the Opera extensions page. Type the ‘FastestTube’ under the search field. Click the ‘FastestTube — YouTube Video Downloader’ link, followed by the ‘Add to Opera’ option. This extension is useful for downloading YouTube videos.

2. Navigate to the video you require downloading from YouTube. Search for the ‘Download’ option in the video beside the ‘Share’ link. Click ‘Download.’ You can select to download videos as high or low-quality FLV or MP4 files.

3. Choose the video edition you wish to download. Click the ‘Save’ button. The video name will display under the ‘File name’ box. Click the ‘Save’ to download it to the PC.

Video2Mp3 Downloader

1. Go to the Opera Add-ons page. Look for the ‘Video2Mp3’ under the search field. Click the ‘Video2Mp3’ extension link, followed by the ‘Add to open’ green button.

2. Click on the ‘Install’ link while the ‘Install Extension’ pop-up field displays. This add-on lets you change videos from multimedia sharing websites into MP3/ MP4 audio or video files.

3. Find the video you require downloading on the video sharing sites. Search the ‘MP3 Download’ and ‘MP4 Download’ links beside the video title. Click on the MP4 link. A page along with the download link will display.

4. Click on the ‘Download’ option, followed by the ‘Save’ to download the videos to the PC.

However, if you get any issues while installing the Opera add-ons or extensions or plug-ins, and you’re unable to download the video in Opera, it’s suggested to call on the Opera helpline number to get your issues repaired under the supervision of experts.