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Encouragement, Ideas, Accountability

Are you a busy woman who dreams of making a life that matters?

Are you accomplishing things at work, taking care of your family, meeting commitments in your church or community groups, but those personal goals — the projects you dream about — seem to get set aside?

Do you often (always?) find yourself at the bottom of your own to-do list?

Do you have a project in mind that you’re passionate about, but just don’t know where to start, or what to do next, to get the ball rolling? …

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A few years ago, a colleague pulled me aside into an office and wanted to share with me that our Vice President of Marketing heard that I was a homeschooling mom.

I was thrilled! She was also a mom of girls. I looked up to her and even thought, “Wow, she would be a great mentor for me and my career!”

She continued.

She advised that I needed to tread lightly, and to not speak out that I was a homeschooling parent because of the perceived lack of commitment to the business.

I couldn’t hear the rest of the words in that conversation. All of this while I was the owner of the global search media marketing programs driving over 60% of traffic to the website and responsible for over $1 million in ad spend for this billion-dollar software company. …

Gender and Decision-Making

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The topic of gender-disparity in the workplace is one that touches close to home for me and many of my colleagues as women and minorities in tech.

A few weeks ago, I set off to research what effects there are to businesses as a whole, when women are underrepresented.

I wanted to look at women business owners as well as women consumers, in order to create better buying experiences for females. Though we know that there is inequality of women in tech, how do we approach the inequality of research into female buyers?

As a conversion rate optimization (CRO) and growth marketing expert with a background in science and psychology, I am driven to provide optimal experiences for customers in order to get the best results for my business clients. …

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In the last 48 hours, a Google Engineer released a hailstorm of outdated and twisted psychological and biological myths to mask his personal prejudice against women, and less overtly, against minorities as well.

I want to suggest a counter-manifesto. I want to suggest that women and minorities both begin to roar. Our silence is what allows the resounding echo-chamber of misogyny and prejudice to exist. Especially within the startup, tech, and small business communities.

I consider it a personal duty to spearhead this manifesto, as I will be facilitating the #IAmRemarkable workshop at Google with the Women Supporting Women community. …


Sophia Eng

VP Marketing @TradeTheFifth. Founder, Women in Growth. Formerly @InVisionApp @Workday @Autodesk. Startup Mentor Optimizing for Happiness, Designing for Growth.

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