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Sophia Eng
Apr 28 · 5 min read

Empowering ambitious women to grow their company, career, and happiness

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Are you a busy woman who dreams of making a life that matters?

Are you accomplishing things at work, taking care of your family, meeting commitments in your church or community groups, but those personal goals — the projects you dream about — seem to get set aside?

Do you often (always?) find yourself at the bottom of your own to-do list?

Do you have a project in mind that you’re passionate about, but just don’t know where to start, or what to do next, to get the ball rolling?

Do you ever wish you had someone to come alongside you, brainstorm solutions with you, encourage you to keep taking steps toward accomplishing the things you care about most?

Do you feel like you’re the only one struggling to get it all done?

Good news: you’re not alone.

There are other women like you, women who want to accomplish those important (to them) goals and make a life that truly matters. Women who want to encourage you, brainstorm solutions to the challenges you face, and benefit from your insight and input into their own projects and challenges.

Join us and these women in a Women in Growth Mastermind group. Become part of a small group of women who are committed to supporting and encouraging each other in the journey toward building a meaningfully productive life.

Women in Growth Masterminds are paid groups, facilitated by us personally.

Your registration fee includes:

  • 3 months of weekly meetings via online video conference on a platform we provide at no additional cost to you. Each meeting lasts an hour — your time is precious, so we honor that schedule, starting and ending on time. We guide the conversation during the call, to make sure every member’s voice is heard and the “focus” person gets the benefit of everybody’s perspective.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for only the members of your group. This is a place where the conversations can continue between meetings. Members share updates on their progress, questions they want input on, articles and ideas relevant to the discussions, even photos of new family members.
  • Access to recordings — video and audio — of each session, so you can watch or listen again at your leisure, to take notes or just remind yourself of the great ideas that were discussed on the call.
  • All the benefits of association with a small group of motivated women: accountability, encouragement, ideas, clarity, community.
  • When appropriate, we provide worksheets and other materials to help with implementing the strategies the group comes up with.
  • Two 30-minute private coaching call with us during the 3-month session.

The most priceless benefit of all? You’ll gain time. Over the course of the 3 months you’ll receive information and ideas that will help you become more productive, efficient, and effective. As you improve your ability to manage your time, energy, and attention, you get more things (the right things) done in less time, buying yourself time to accomplish those projects you really care about.

Mastermind brings accountability

If you’ve been struggling alone to figure out how to be more productive, if you’d like to share your own wisdom and insight to help other like-minded women accomplish more of the right things, then the Women In Growth Mastermind might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Sound interesting?

As you decide whether the Women in Growth Mastermind is right for you, consider whether you are willing to support and agree to the following simple rules:

1) Commitment — each member is expected to commit to putting in the time and effort to achieve her own personal growth, and to commit to contributing her time, energy, and attention to helping the other women in the group do the same. The time commitment you’re asked to make is regular attendance at the scheduled meetings for the 3-month session. (The group suffers–and you won’t make the progress you’re wanting–if you’re not there.)

2) Candor — members will be authentic and honest, but kind, supportive, and respectful of each other.

3) Confidentiality — what’s discussed in the group stays in the group. Period.

If you can agree to those principles, and if you’re ready to invest in your personal growth and productivity, then let’s talk. Submit this brief online application, and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Questions? Email us today. We would love to work with you!

Fill out the application and Get Started!


Sophia Eng

Sophia Eng is the VP of Marketing at Trade The Fifth, and Founder of Women in Growth, a community dedicated to empowering women to grow businesses. She has been featured in Forbes, Women 2.0, and is a keynote speaker.

Sophia has been the driving force behind the revenue and user growth at InVision, Autodesk, and Workday, as well as her own consulting agency, Real MarketEng, using buyer psychology as the backbone of her strategies and insights.

Companies choose Sophia due to her track record of getting the best results in the shortest amount of time, while maximizing promotion and growth budgets. Using her background in science and psychology, Sophia has paired with ConversionXL alongside Sean Ellis to teach growth marketing through the lens of effective persuasive psychology.

Today, Sophia champions female and minority inclusion in Silicon Valley. Sophia has a special focus on empowering female entrepreneurs, as well as pushing the agenda for more in-depth studies on the unique psychology of female consumers.

Dani Hart

Growing up with two older brothers, Dani knows a thing or two about being an underdog. Now she’s passionate in elevating the women around her into being their best and full selves.

In August 2018, Dani left her full-time role as Head of Growth at GrowthHackers, began her own growth consultancy — Growth Gal, and immersed herself in yoga, burnout research, psychometrics, and alternative healing. Dani is now traveling the world, 3 months at a time, currently residing and doing lots of yoga in Croatia.

Sophia Eng

Written by

VP Marketing @TradeTheFifth. Founder, Women in Growth. Formerly @InVisionApp @Workday @Autodesk. Startup Mentor Optimizing for Happiness, Designing for Growth.