A young couple, Akshara and Naitik Singhania, live in a Marwari joint family in Udaipur. They adjust as a married couple, as parents of young children, and as their extended families mature. Watch Daily Videos of Yeh rishta kia kehlata hai and bookamrk for latest updates and videos of all indian serials.

Naitik falls into a coma in an accident; four years later he returns to the family and struggles to gain acceptance from his five-year-old son, Naksh. Naitik’s mother dies and his father marries a divorcee with two children.

Later, when her husband dies, Naitik’s elder aunt blames Akshara and kicks her out of the house; Naitik, Akshara, Naksh and newborn Naira leave their extended family.

The family lives in Cape Town for several years. An adult Naksh returns to Udaipur and counsels his grand aunt, who is convinced to forgive Akshara and the family returns. Naksh falls in love with Tara and wedding plans are made, but she breaks up with him minutes before the ceremony.

Teenaged Naira runs away from Akshara and lives in Rishikesh for a time. When she returns a love triangle forms between Naira, her cousin Gayu and Naitik’s employee Kartik. Kartik loves Naira and confesses his love to her. Naira considers setting aside her feelings so Gayu can be happy, but after a time Naira confesses her love.

Later, Akshara dies in a car accident and a drunk Kartik is blamed, dividing the families, but Naira proves his innocence and her family accepts him. Kartik’s family enters and both the families arrange Kartik-Naira’s wedding. Kartik stayed away from his family because he thinks that his father Manish and stepmother Suvarna were responsible for his mother Soumya’s death. Kartik-Naira marry in a grand wedding.

After marriage, Kartik leaves Goenka house along with Naira but later Naira convinces Kartik to return home. Later it is revealed that Kartik’s cousin, Mansi was responsible for her mother’s death. The couple later work together to help his sister Keerti gain a divorce from her abusive husband. Naira opens her dance academy with Kartik’s help facing opposition from Dadi and Goenka family. Under pressure from the family, Naksh agrees to marry Naira’s sister-in-law, Keerti. Naira reveals to Kartik that his mother had mental disorder and Manish-Suvarna were not responsible for her suicide.

Kartik-Naira and Naksh-Keerti go to Greece for their honeymoon. Later, it is revealed that Kartik has a stepbrother Shubham (Manish and Suvarna’s son). He has hatred for Kartik as Suvarna had abandoned him when he was born for Kartik. Kartik and Naira bring him into the family and win his love. Kartik reconciles with his parents. Kartik-Naira fight due to misunderstandings but the family resolve their fights and reunite them at Rishikesh. Naira faces pregnancy complications and undergoes surgery.

Later, Shubham becomes a drug addict under the influence of his friend and due to cheating from his fraud girlfriend Suhana. Naira comes to know the truth. Naira decides to tell Kartik, but Shubham requests her to hide the truth until he recovers from his drug addiction. Shubham could not control his drug addiction and dies. Before his death, he reveals that Naira knew about his bad habit. Suvarna and Kartik hold Naira responsible for Shubham’s death. Kartik tells Naira to leave the house until Suvarna recovers from her pain, but Naira misunderstands Kartik thinking that he does not love and trust her. Naira meets with an accident.

Two years pass, Naira and Kartik stay separate from each other. Naira along with Naitik has shifted to Mumbai while, Kartik is in Udaipur with his family. Suvarna has developed hatred towards Naira and wants to make Kartik remarry with his childhood friend Aashi. On the other hand, Manish sends Kartik to Mumbai for his college project. Naira takes admission in the same college to complete her studies. Both meet each other as a professor and student. Coincidentally, they become neighbors. Initially, they fight with each other but soon start realizing their love.

Suvarna comes to know that Kartik-Naira are together in Mumbai and meets with an accident. Seeing Suvarna’s hatred for her and Kartik’s pain, Naira gives divorce papers to Kartik. Unwillingly, Kartik also agrees for divorce. During Mansi (Kartik’s cousin) and Anmol’s (Naira’s cousin) wedding, the family tries to bring Kaira close but their anger and hatred for each other increases.

Finally, Kartik-Naira get divorced on the wedding day. After the divorce, Kaira realizes their mistakes, anger, and love for each other. Kartik-Naira apologize each other for their mistakes and foolishness. They want to get remarried but their families disagree.

Naira discovers that she has a brain clot and may lose her memory or die. She tells Suvarna to make Kartik marry to some other girl so that he forgets Naira and move on in life. Suvarna finally realizes her wrongdoings and tells Kartik the truth. Kartik enacts that he is marrying Aashi but later reveals his drama when Naira realizes that her decision was wrong. Singhanias and Goenkas agree for the wedding but, Naira’s health worsens. The doctor tells Kartik that Naira has to undergo surgery the next day. Naira requests Kartik to marry her before surgery and Kaira finally get remarried. Naira is taken for surgery and after many complications, the surgery is successful. Kartik brings Naira back to Goenka house as a newly married bride.

Manish’s cousin Samarth tries to create differences between Manish and Akhilesh to take revenge from Suhasini Dadi. Kartik-Naira reunite the family and make Samarth part of Goenka family. Now, Naira is pregnant and the show focuses on the journey of Kartik-Naira as parents.

Parallel Story Arcs

Parallel with Akshara and Naitik’s stories, the stories of their respective siblings also form significant story arcs in the series. Past plots have been built around the lives of Naitik’s sisters Nandini and Rashmi. The series has also focused on Naitik’s step-siblings. The series also paralleled the story of Akshara-Naitik with that of Varsha-Shaurya, Akshara’s best friend and elder brother, respectively.

After several leaps, Naira and Kartik became the leads of the show. Parallel with Kartik and Naira’s stories, the series also focuses on the story of their siblings: Naksh, Gayu, Keerti and Shubham.

Currently, parallel with Kartik and Naira’s story, the series focuses on the story of Naksh and Keerti.

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