10 Reasons to Visit Brazil

Looking for a destination to visit and make a lifetime of memories? Are you visiting to Brazil as part of your plan to settle in a new country?

Tourist purposes or for future long-term stays; Brazil is one country you must include in your “Places to Visit” list. Here are some motivations for you to fly to Brazil.

Greatest Party Ever

Unless you live under a rock, Brazil throws the best party in the world — Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. An inspiration to other street parties in the world, nothing beats Brazil when it comes to dancing and merry-making. A must is the anticipated Sambadrome parade with Samba Queens aiming for to be the Carnival Champion!

Brazilian Beat

Speaking of parties, Brazil is famous for its music. On top of the list of course is samba, as well as bossa nova. Enjoy these in outdoor bars with your favorite drink. Other music genres in the country are jazz and electroacoustic music.

Haven for Sportsmaniacs

Hosting 2014 World Cup and the upcoming Olympics, Brazil is a sportsman haven. Watch sports tournaments, specifically football or futbol. You can watch any football competition during your visit and awaken the football fanatic in you.

For the animal-lovers

With its natural resources of cloud forests, rain forests, virgin forests, and water forms like rivers and swamps, Brazil is home to many animal species. Many of these are endemic and endangered species. Visit local zoos or travel to Pantanal, the largest freshwater wetland or to the famous Amazon River.

Food Finds

Travel will be incomplete without trying local dishes. With a melting mot of Europeans, Asians, Africans, and indigenous, imagine the unique culinary culture of Brazil. During your visit, try local eats like churrascarias (local meat barbeque), pao de queijo (cheese bread), churros (loop-shaped doughnut with chocolate dipping), and coxinha (chicken nugget). Not to be missed are local fruits and acai palm shakes and smoothies, these “berries” are famous for their fat-burning and slimming properties.

Water Babies

Love the water? Try kayaking or cruising around the Amazon or better yet, take a journey to the Argentinean-Brazilian border — the Iguazu Falls. A breathtaking waterfall with its graceful beauty and heavy water volume, Iguazu belongs to the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Best Beaches

Be the girl from Ipanema and enjoy the best beaches in the world. The unique beach culture of the Brazilians makes it a tourist magnet. From popular Ipanema beach and Copacabana, conquer the waves at surfer beaches like Jericoacoara and Florianapolis.


Brazil beckons those who love history and culture with its long list of UNESCO Heritage Sites but a must are heritage towns. The former capital city of Brasilia is one of them with its urban design as well as Salvador de Bahia, the first town to be listed by UNESCO. Other heritage towns are Ouro Preto, São Luis, Pamantina, Olinda, and Goiás.

Eco Tourism

Brazil is an eco-friendly destination. From its eco-tourism areas like protected forests, Amazon River, visitors can also engage in activities that are enjoyable yet not harmful to the environment. To name a few snorkeling at Bonito, joining the Tamar Turtle Project and, watching the whales at Praia do Rosa.

Beautiful Brazilians

To some it all, the main reason why you should visit Brazil is its people. Brazilians as you have seen in runway shows and magazines, are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Yet, they are beautiful inside and out. Generous, friendly and life loving, feel the experience and the hospitality of the Brazilians.

With all these, you may want to stay long-term in Brazil like those found at siteimovel. Enjoy Brazil, make it your home and have the best time of your life!