A Day In The Life Of A BU Student

The clanging sound of my roommate shoving her desk draws close and the warm, humid air filling my little dorm room, were the first things to greet me. I glanced down at my phone and realized I had overslept my alarm and my first class was in a half hour. I rushed to the tiny microfridge nestled in the corner of our room and yanked the fridge door opened to be showered with a gust of refreshingly cold air. I basked in its glory for a minute or two before grabbing my ice coffee and rushing to my closet.

Waving good-bye to the security guard I descended down Warren towers several minutes later, followed by two friends who shared the same morning schedule I did. Stepping out of the cool AC that floated around the common ground floor and out into the sweltering heat that dusted the summer morning, I took in my surroundings. We trudged slowly along the shady sidewalks, thankful for the tall brick buildings that lined them. The morning was filled with sounds of nearby power drills, chirping birds, and cars whizzing by on the roughly paved roads. The rattling of the rusty metal tracks as the T-train swept by sent two little hummingbirds into flury. I watched as construction men took big bites out of their morning coffee break treats, and as rushed students bumped clumsily into each other as they tried to make it to class on time. Sudden gusts of wind rustled my hair and allowed dry tree leaves to drift down from their perches. As time passed, the morning rush hour traffic thinned as did the line for coffee at starbucks.

Once I made it to class and the heavy wooden doors shut tightly behind me, I suddenly missed the clammering sound of the city, the loud, restless city Boston University has allowed me to love.

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