A profile on Sanna Hakkarainen

Sanna Hakkarainen, a 17-year-old girl from Los Gatos, California, is a rising senior and a hard-working student in Boston University’s Summer Challenge Program. Born and raised in the small town of Los Gatos, daughter of Harri and Lisa Hakkarainen. Her mother, originally from St. Louis, is a sales consultant while her father, from finland, is a computer engineer. She also has a younger Brother, Sammy who is a rising sophomore. Sanna explains her love of Boston University is due to its award-winning Ice Hockey team and its beautiful urban campus. She encourages her two closest friends from home, Julia and Ciena, to join her next year, right here in Boston. Sanna loves reading historical novels and especially enjoyed reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett the previous year. Spotify enthusiast, Sanna’s playlists include any current top-hit songs and throwbacks such as classic High School Musical songs. Ruby, Sanna’s beloved dog, is a huge part of her life and one of her favorite family members. Sunny walks around town with Ruby is how Sanna would describe an ideal afternoon.

Sports are the next biggest thing in Sanna’s life apart from her family. A field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse player, you could say she does it all. Being an accomplished athlete such as Sanna doesn’t happen overnight, she says it required “practice, patience, and then more practice.” Sanna’s done everything from 6am practices to playing a hard-core game in downpouring rain, now that takes dedication. Sanna says she hopes to continuing playing sports throughout college and hopefully for as long as her health will allow her. Not only is Sanna a smart student, great friend, and accomplished athlete, she hopes to one day attend Boston University as a full time student to pursue what she loves.