The Almost “You and I”

“Almost is never enough.” -Ariana Grande

In the midst of darkness, you shed light.

In between the black and white, you gave me the reason of gray.

In my hunger of attention, you gave me affection.

And in the downfall of my being, you uplifted my soul.

I have seen the value and worth of my life in you. You gave me the reason to hold on; to keep going. All you ever did was to cherish me and love me, even i didn’t return the love you gave. I played blind so I won’t notice, I played deaf so I won’t hear your “I love you”, I played numb so I won’t feel and I played heartless because I always been in fear.

You guided me through the roller coaster ride of life. You made me see the beauty of the world that is full of wonders. How lovely would “you and I” was made to be.

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