7 Steps to a Happier Smile

Attraction often begins with a smile, more so if the smile is a genuine happy smile that is attractive in itself. It can make you look younger, more appealing. Yes, your looks contribute a lot to how striking you become but if you give out a happy, confident smile, you offer more positivity.

The only way you can smile that way is when your dental health is in perfect condition. Have you examined your gums lately? How do they look? How about your teeth? Here are 7 steps to work your way to giving out happier smiles that will surely boost your self confidence.

Brush daily, 3 times at least

You can never achieve dental health without brushing as it is the only way you can clean your teeth of food particles. Brushing reduces the chance of bacteria thriving in your mouth. Make sure to spend at least a couple of minutes each time you brush using fluoride toothpaste to make your teeth stronger. Your breath will become fresher too.

Floss at least twice a day

Bacteria have a way of residing in between your teeth even if you brush regularly. Get rid of it by flossing at least twice daily particularly before bedtime. It is during sleep when the gums become more exposed to bacteria which tend to multiply as there is less saliva and the mouth becomes dry.

Eat right

Not only will you take care of your dental health but your health in general so eat right. Add more dairy and calcium enriched foods to strengthen your teeth and jawbone. Take care of your gum health with foods rich in vitamin C. If you can’t avoid sticky and sugary stuff altogether, at least limit your intake and brush each time you eat anything sweet to avoid some particles lodging in spaces inside your mouth allowing bacteria a heyday.

Quit the cancer stick habit

Smoking is a leading cause of lung cancer but in case you didn’t know, it also causes certain gum diseases including oral cancer as established by a study. Notice too that no matter how you brush and floss and mouthwash, when you smoke, your breath would still smell foul shortly after.

Aim to have whiter teeth

Nothing could make your smile brighter than having teeth that are pearly white. There are so many teeth whitening products and procedures available nowadays. There are whitening toothpastes and strips effective for minor stains (provided you have no teeth and gum issues) or you can have your dentist do a professional whitening treatment for more serious cases.

Have it fixed

There are situations when dental hygiene alone can’t give you the perfect smile such as when you have crooked or oddly-shaped teeth. Fret not because even that has a solution. Talk to your dentist about appropriate dental cosmetic procedures.

Make your dentist your best friend

It pays to regularly visit your dentist and schedule appropriate procedures such as bi-annual dental cleanings or a more regular schedule if you are prone to dental carries and gum issues. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure and your dentist can detect and treat any developing oral disease before it becomes a full blown problem. Such cases can happen when:

  • There is an underlying health condition that may cause oral problems. Most common is diabetes. Other times it can be the medication you are taking or a medical treatment.
  • You are pregnant and you can’t just take or use anything that may harm you and the baby.
  • There is a seemingly non-threatening mouth sore but just won’t go away no matter how you treat it, gums that easily bleed or just tender and red for reasons you can’t explain.

Why not have happy, confident smiles if that would make a more attractive you? You can surely have nearly perfect pearly white teeth by making these 7 steps a part of your regular dental habit.

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