The Birthing Effect of Coding

The Iron Yard Indianapolis

I can see why people find coding addicting. There’s something intoxicating about the process of struggling through an issue until you reach that “Aha” moment in which everything comes together. It’s frustrating and demoralizing — but then in the space of an instant, intensely gratifying.

On a much (much) lower scale, I image it’s something like giving birth: after the “trauma” of figuring out an issue, your brain pumps you full of so much satisfaction that you forget the difficulty. Happily moving onto the next component, you’re sucked in until the next issue arises.

Having finished week one at The Iron Yard, I feel the addiction beginning. Each new project started has the potential for that “Aha” moment where it all comes together. I’m beginning to feel confident in my problem solving abilities as a developer. (And, I’m constantly reminding myself: I have only been coding seriously for ONE WEEK!)

It’s both exhilarating and terrifying to think I will be applying all of these skills to a career in three short months. On one hand, Hi — how terrifying. On the other, looking back at the site we’ve built just in week one, I think to myself ‘this is something I could give to a client.’ Sure, it isn’t interactive yet, but it sure as hell looks better than a number of websites out in the world already.

This first week has been challenging, and I know it will continue to get harder, but I am grateful to have found a path that excites me in this way. It wouldn’t be worth all the work if it didn’t.

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