Dec 7, 2016

“How to save a life”

Earlier that day I was listening to The Fray, with a jammed finger, dysfunctional appetite and broken soul.

Post-project life is a breeze. J and C push to master the last minute, literally, at 11:44pm, after using up official extended days and all slip days. Though I did my part way early ahead, it was still a relief.

C and I reviewed together for Chinese history class. While we are getting boba, we started to talk about a unique kind of relationship. I think I want to take woman and gender studies despite her warning that it is a pretty heavy humanity study.

I was in a good mood and started to clean up my closet. Surprisingly my new grey wool blazer goes well with all the dress shirts. Mix-and-match is all about recreating values to already owned clothing.

I got to reconnect to Denver friends in the mean time but sadly they would not be there during Christmas. C was surprised that despite of the past, I am still going to visit them. I guess time magically wipe out the shady part of the memory.

My thoughts are racing at 2am in the day. It’s everywhere. Btw, watching the automatically generated tags make me appreciative of machine learning.

I am back. Below is my “morning brief”.

As I was experimenting with my first poached egg, I suddenly realized that it is nothing more than a “荷包蛋”. Yet it is overvalued in brunch by appearing on top of any single food item such as toast, English muffin or Salad.

I opened up my mac and the water polo team showed up. I was always curious about what causes its racial composition.

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