Day 6: Boats ‘n’ Hoes

This one is being written from our AirBnB in Eilat – at the very South of Israel, on the Red Sea. To our left is Jordan, to our right is Egypt:

The reason we’ve come to Eilat is because it is very close to Jordan, where we are going tomorrow, in order to see Petra – one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World

But more on that later; first, I have to backtrack by a day and show the photos of Bethlehem… (if you haven’t already, I reccomnend reading Day 5 now)…

This is Star Street, where it is believed Mary and Joseph walked down in order to get to the Little Town of Bethlehem. No longer is this street a thriving market place, due to the decline in tourism in the 2000s

It was in Manger Square, which follows on from Star Street, that I saw my first Starbucks in Israel: the real Star of the Nativity…how fitting….

Coming on to the ‘hoe’ part of the blog, this is Gabriel’s new catch (sorry Soph) – she’s Yugoslavian, mid-70s, lives in Toronto: surprised he’s gone for blonde this time…

Here he is carrying her bag into the Church of the Nativity – what a gent:

When waiting to go into the cave where Jesus was supposedly born, we got to hear and watch the end of the Armenian service. Here is one of the Armenian men standing before the birthplace of Jesus; the nuns rushed in rather late, evidently after a last minute Tesco shop :

Obviously, the service just wasn’t thrilling enough for some and besides, there was an important Snapchat to reply to…

Finally, the West Bank….

It took a 5 hour bus journey to get from Jerusalem to Eilat. Jerusalem was about 30 degrees – just bearable – but Eilat is at 42 degrees – not at all bearable, and very humid.

“Hi Girls!” is how the owner of the AirBnB addressed us in her letter; Gabriel had grown out his facial hair, offended by being called ‘young’ by the lady at the desk of our Jerusalem Hostel, and decided to shave it off today. No regrets. ;)

We walked to the beach – sweatiest walk of my life – until we found a little boat rental place.

We named her Erin – the boat, not Gabe.

Erin may not have been the fastest of boats, but was certainly a vessel for sun and wind burn.

But Erin's views were pretty spectacular; here’s Jordan…

And here’s Eilat:

A short one today – as mostly taken up by a long bus journey – but Petra tomorrow :)


NB: To Cullen & Kazemi, except from Gabe’s brief Yugoslavian love affair, I can assure you that we have not been hoes, but rather hoe-ly for the holy land