Day 9: Slept for most of the day

Unlike the past 8 days, we slept beyond 6am.

In order to make the time I spent doing nothing until 11am sound interesting, here are some random facts about Tel Aviv:

  • It has over 100 sushi restaurants; it has the most sushi restaurants per capita after Tokyo and New York City
  • Tel Aviv has the highest rate of entrepreneurship amongst women and over 55s in the world
  • Every Tuesday night, there is a rollerblading group party, in which 300 rollerbladers come to the streets
  • In an American Airlines competition, Tel Aviv was named the world’s best city for the gay community.

There’s every kind of beach you could want in Tel Aviv, from a dog beach to a gay beach. This is one of the many beaches we passed by whilst walking along the boardwalk.

These photos were taken following a very delicious family lunch at D&Ds; at first, Gabe and I decided to take bikes along the beach, but the rattling bike chains and the heat made us quickly give up on that dream.

Tel Aviv really is a city that refuses to sleep; it buzzes just as much during the day as at night. We found it to be more relaxed and colourful than Jerusalem, and busier than Eilat; where Tel Aviv lacks great history, it boasts even greater culture, with countless art galleries and the port of Jaffa.

We spent the evening with Or and Daniela, who very kindly took us for dinner: 10/10 dessert, would eat again.

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