With their impossibly cool vibe and frighteningly spot-on predictions, astrology apps are coming for your wallet

Tali Edut hates astrology memes — the kind you’d find on Instagram accounts like @cancermajesty and @yourmomshoroscope. They focus only on the zodiac signs, she says, which leaves out an entire galaxy’s worth of other pertinent information — information that could help you make sense of your relationship with your…

After the latest spate of mass shootings, the world — and technology — is in danger of turning us into hermits. We can’t allow it.

Last week, a dirt bike backfired in Times Square. In another time or place, it may have registered as a brief diversion for New Yorkers, something that turns your head and distracts you while you walk. But in 2019, just days after mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, it…

Sophie Kleeman

Writer and editor with words in Gizmodo, Motherboard, and the Outline.

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