Crazy Bangkok

In order to get from Cambodia to my next destination, Myanmar, I had to make a stop over in Bangkok so I thought I’d make the most of it and book two nights on Koh San Road, the main party street of Bangkok.

I had one of the craziest nights of my trip so far, can’t really say that much about it really as I can’t remember a hell of a lot after the first three or so buckets. There was a lot of drinking, dancing on the tables, buying crappy bracelets and stupid hats, eating scorpions and eventually getting judas punched by some Thai woman after getting in an argument over what I’ve retrospectively realised was about £1. So yeah, I feel I got the true Bangkok experience.

I was feeling surprisingly fine the next day and went to see the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew in the morning. It was actually extremely impressive and beautiful despite being such a tourist trap and rammed full of people.

The afternoon was spent doing a bit of shopping before admitting defeat to an allergic reaction I had in Cambodia that was getting worse and worse. Both arms and legs were covered in a horrible rash and my one leg was beginning to blister. The doctor seemed genuinely shocked at how bad it was, which wasn’t very reassuring, and I was given two injections and 9 tablets a day to take as well as steroid cream. The injections sent me very drowsy and I fell straight to sleep as soon as I got back to my hostel.

Whilst it was only a short stop over in Bangkok it was certainly eventful. I don’t think I’d want to spend too much longer there mind, a couple days of madness was just enough.