I arrived in Xi’an after an overnight 27 hour train journey which surprisingly wasn’t too bad! I had a bed, be it an exceedingly hard bed and had three bunks in top of each other but never the less I slept pretty well. My hostel was located right by the south gate of the city wall down a road with an extensive market of nic-nac stalls. After checking in I decided to hit the Muslim quater, where Chinese Muslims had roads and roads of markets and food stalls. It has the most amazing smell, food been cooked everywhere! Most of the food was unlike any of the food I’d had so far, a mix of Chinese and Indian foods. The place was really buzzing and had such a great atmosphere.

After grabbing a couple of things to eat from street food stalls I went to walk the city walls. Walls were built around the city in ancient times and still stand today. They’re 14Km in diameter and the walk around took considerably longer than expected! Just outside the walls is a river moat with gorgeous gardens surrounding it. From first impressions Xi’an seems a beautiful city!

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