Fashion label collaborations with musicians are ten a penny these days, you can’t sign onto any social media platform without scrolling through a heap of ‘Rihanna X PUMA’ posts from smug bloggers or even go to Lidl without clocking a pile of the Britney Spears for Lidl Multi Hair styler..

It isn’t rocket science to figure out why designers and brands reach out to high influencing celebrities, it draws in the numbers and get the masses excited about their products. It is an idiot proof formula and it works (almost) every time. So I was confused when I began seeing posts everywhere about the upcoming COURTNEY LOVE X NASTYGAL collection.

I love Courtney, I always have, I’ve got all her records with or without HOLE, I get gifted her gig tickets as surprise birthday gifts, I have never been a Nirvana fan, so I’ll be damned if I feed into some lengthy boring story about mariticide. I fell in love with her wicked red mouth the moment I saw it. I stole a valuable piece of memorabilia from a members only club in Knightsbridge because she had written on it, her crassness, playfulness and the fact that she occasionally had acne and a double chin really spoke to me as I was growing up.

The collaboration thrills me, but it feels a little contradictory to read about how excited various fashion writers and online publications are about this collection, when all previous articles involving her life and career are solely about heinous legal battles, about how her daughter apparently hates her, and defamation lawsuits. 99% of the time, her presence in the public sphere is that of ridicule and often bullying.

She’s the centre of a never ending media shit-storm, cyber trolls and Kurt-ites ready to pounce with pitchforks and scream “YOU MURDERED YOUR HUSBAND”. She is the original vilified woman in rock music, and whilst no publicity is bad publicity, I have to admire the creative team behind this collaboration, BOLD MOVE NASTYGAL, you’ve gained yourself another fan. The sting of being so openly loathed by the public but endlessly imitated can now be eased by a big fat pay-check, afterall, what cements you more as a fashion icon than giving the world your own personal style. Think back to KATE MOSS for TOPSHOP, where pieces would sell on ebay for triple their retail value — What cocaine scandal?

This isn’t the first time that the fashion world have been enamoured with the dishevelled, lace and lust aesthetic that Courtney has championed throughout her career. The Meadham Kirchoff 2012 ready to wear show was littered with references to Hole and their 90’s reign, those satin pastel baby doll dresses, the mannequin Courtney’s springing down the catwalk, what theatre! It was Courtney Love pastiche with no direct affiliation, it was an homage to the world she has created through lyrics, scrapbooks and performance. Marc Jacob’s references Love as hair inspiration for his own catwalk shows. — it never ends. In an age where nothing shocks us anymore, lets spare a thought for the time where Courtney Love and her fellow bandmates were under fire for ‘promoting the Kinderwhore style’, shucks we’ve come a long way guys.

Meadham Kirchhoff SS2012

The collection itself is exactly as you would expect it to be, no nasty (sorry) surprises here, it is part Stevie Nicks lace hangover, part baby blue Lolita, and is reasonably priced for a ‘celebrity collaboration’. The 90’s fixation shows little sign of wearing off even after 5 years of it being the style of choice for internet girls everywhere (early 2000’s has crept back with bootcut jeans I heard, terrifying.), and whilst many musican/retailer hook ups seem to be more about the campaign photos than the actual clothing, *cough cough Rihanna for River Island*, 18 pieces have been created by sourcing photographs throughout CL’s career and adapted to be more relevant for today’s buyer.


All in all, if you hate Courtney, good she probably hates you too but don’t be surprised if you see humans everywhere adding a little CL to their wardrobes, even the biggest naysayers will give into that lace jumpsuit. Fleetwood mac mania will always be upon us, 70’s tailoring is everywhere, did you guys ever wonder when we would be given a break from skimpy shirts and binding jeans, tight high waisted trouser’s give you UTI’s and yeast infections anyway right?

Her lyrics “my dress is the prettiest” from 2004’s America’s Sweetheart album ring true, she foresaw this moment. Courtney, I love you.