Photo by: Tom Barrett @wistomsin

Start-Up: How to get your Head Out of the clouds!

I think it can be difficult to concentrate when you are starting a business. Especially if you are an Internet junky like me you, there so many how to guides, 1–100 steps of what to do to get followers and have an active timeline etc. Then to top it off you sign up to someone else’s email list they make money and you hear the same thing the last video told you. But missed out the key ingredient. Getting clients or customers takes focus.

Blah blah blah

I know I hear ya, but if you narrow your customers down to one place like just focus on one group and target those members the. There you have it. They’re not interested – move on to another group.

Clear the day- work backwards- this is a simple maths Puzzle.

Your head will certainly leave the clouds and your feet will settle to the ground!

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