Top San Francisco Best Eats

I've been a foodie my whole life. "This girl has a good appetite", my grandpa would say. However, I always thought people said it in a negative way, either way I learned to embrace it. I moved to SF 3 years ago and I was ready to eat my way through the city.

Not to brag but I did become the food guru and people would ask me for recommendations all the time. It has stayed that way even after deciding to go vegan two years ago. Thankfully, San Francisco is the definition of diversity, which means you can find different styles of cuisines that can also fit into your dietary restrictions and not have to worry. If you can and love eating anything, then the options are just endless.

The following restaurants and dishes are my all time favorite places to go eat before and after becoming vegan.

  1. Roam Artisan Burgers

The cool thing about this place is that you are given the option to choose the type of patty you can in your burger, as well as what types of topping you would like to add. You could add different types of veggies, an egg, different types of cheeses, and even french fries. Must try the Veggie and Bison burger.

2. Bowl D'Açai

If you haven't tried an açai bowl you need to get your hands into this fruity madness. It is the perfect breakfast or lunch, packed with antioxidants, energy, and deliciousness. It is basically a fruit sorbet, topped with granola and fruit. Adding peanut or almond butter is optional, but just warning you, it might change your life.

3. Curry Up Now

Cheap, delicious, Indian street food. They have used Indian cuisine and infused it with Mexican, Canadian cuisine. The Deconstructed Samosas are a must try. It is is packed with vegetarian and vegan options.

4. Jane on Fillmore

Best brunch spot in the city. Delicious, healthy, and fresh food. Many vegan options too. Must try the Nutty Bird Bread, it comes with almond butter and fruit jam.

5. Tacolicious

Awesome tacos, amazing ambience, and free chips and salsa. All the tacos are super tasty, wont go wrong choosing which one to choose. Must try the Churros with chocolate sauce for dessert.

6. Boba Guys

You might never see this place with a cue of people waiting to order. It proves how good it is. You can choose what type of milk and toppings you'd like. You can even mix up different flavors of tea. It is magical Must try the Horchata and Matcha Latte bubble tea.

7. Sweetgreen

Sometimes your body asks you for something healthy and delicious, right? This place offers the best salad combinations and vinaigrette in this world. Must try the Bay Bowl. Whichever salad you build or choose… ADD GRAPES (they make the salad taste 100 times better).


This place has the most amazing combos when having a sweet tooth. Not only do they offer cookie ice cream sandwiches, but they also have ice cream tacos and brownie ice cream sandwiches. You have many options to make your treat special; from cereal toppings, to sweet sauces and various flavors of ice cream and cookies.

9. The Flying Falafel

There is nothing better than cheap Mediterranean food, right? This place is located in Market street and although it is almost always packed with costumers, it is worth the wait. Must try the falafels (duh).

I'm starving now.