Newspaper editor, campaign manager, Community Advisor… Madison White is looking for ways to make things better

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Harry Potter nerd, journalist, political activist, RBG fan… are we forgetting anything?

A couple of summers ago, I woke up to the notification that Madison White would be my roommate for my first-year starting out a Whittier College. Madison White. I immediately searched her name on Facebook and Instagram and found her profile featuring Madison smiling with a “Proud Slytherin” filter over it. I thought, “Okay, I can deal with a Harry Potter nerd.”

Scrolling further down her page, I discovered she was into politics. Cool, so am I. After we introduced ourselves, one of the first texts she sent me was, “I was so relieved when I realized you were a…

UN Report Says 2030 is Tipping Point for Irreversible Damage

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Smoke from the massive Woolsey wildfire that is devastating massive stretches of Southeastern Ventura County and much of Malibu and the West Valley in Los Angeles County. Photo by Sophie Harper.

Anyone standing on top of the Science and Learning Center in recent days could look north and west to see huge plumes of smoke expanding into the sky like a mushroom cloud from an atom bomb. What looks like giant, fluffy gray clouds is actually smoke billowing into an already carbon-saturated atmosphere.

The source is the catastrophic Woosley fire engulfing Northwest Los Angeles County, including much of Malibu and adjacent inland towns such as Calabasas and Agoura Hills. …

Sophie Harper

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