A functional tea to combat any type of anxiety

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For a few years now, Functional Tea has been my favourite way of overcoming anxiety. For me, tea is a great tool for reducing anxiety symptoms because you get to ingest and breathe in the benefits. It’s aromatherapy and functionality, all in one.

I have found different herbs and ingredients to be good for different types of anxiety. Some teas I’ll drink first thing in the morning because they are calming but also energising. Others, I will drink in the evening, because they also help me sleep.

So here are some of my favourite ingredients which, individually and combined, have…

In late March, my partner and I were visiting potential sites for a cafe. “We can fit 20 people in here, at a squeeze” he said, as we stood in one tiny cafe in Notting Hill, looking around at the blank walls.

Later that evening, we had a meeting about our small business loan. I was apprehensive about borrowing so much money. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) model had been drilled into me as the only way to start a business.

But I went along with it, knowing the drill: cafe first, to establish…

How I learnt to do it, and how you can too

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My early 20s felt like a constant battle against my emotions. I felt things strongly, but existed in worlds where this was seen as a weakness.

I found myself admiring people who were rational, un-emotional and who put themselves first. This isn’t who I am, but it’s who I wanted to be.

To this day, I experience things deeply, across a range of emotions. But I no longer feel the pressure that I did in my early 20s.

And it all changed with a single question.

The big question

As with most lessons that have brought deep change into my life, the question…

Yes it is. Here’s why. And here’s how we can change that.

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Studies over the past few years have shown that the statement “money doesn’t make you happy” is true.

This is why certain countries have adopted different measures of success than the GDP. They measure happiness, social health, and human development instead.

Which makes sense. According to some, the GDP is not only a poor measure of happiness, but is actually actively making us unhappy, and is the driving force behind the destruction of the planet.

So money doesn’t lead to happiness, and that’s nothing new. But here’s something that is — our relationship to money is actually making us unhappy.

And why it matters now more than ever

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In my life so far, I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of smart people.

I worked hard at school and, against a few odds, ended up studying at Oxford University. There, I met some of the smartest people in their respective fields, and in my age group.

I studied hard there too and ended up landing a job at one of the top law firms in the UK, where my colleagues not only worked on some of the most complex cases in the world but also helped draft important legislature.

Finally, through my work with coaching and psychology, I…

London went into lockdown on March 23rd. Within a couple of days, I was reading articles on how to optimise my lockdown experience. How to use this time to tackle my self-improvement bucket list. Get fitter. Eat better. Meditate more. Start a juice cleanse. Do a 30 Day Yoga challenge. Start my own online business.

This might work really well for some people, but today I want to focus on the people for whom this doesn’t work. Who hear the above, and feel pressured or guilty.

For these people, I want to offer an alternative to this approach, and the…

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Parents aren’t ideal. By the time we reach our twenties, we all know that. Childhood is for deification. The teenage years are for villanisation. And your twenties onwards are when you realise, perhaps with a certain disappointment, that your parents are no different to you.

That tends to be the really infuriating thing — that sense of finally knowing where your flaws come from.

But, ultimately, this fall from grace, this humanness, is something that most of us end up forgiving our parents. In fact, J.K. Rowling in her memorable Harvard graduation address, puts it well: “There is an expiry…

A simple tool that can change your relationships

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The pandemic is putting a strain on many people, personally and in their close relationships. Between the unprecedented period of proximity for many families, and the underlying atmosphere of stress, uncertainty and fear on the global stage, this is understandable.

I believe that good communication, as always, is the key. Whether it’s a niggling annoyance at the way your partner stacks the dishwasher, or being able to ask for space from your partner and kids, without fear of emotional repercussions, it is more important now than ever to communicate one’s feelings and needs.

But good communication is built on the…

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Your 20s are important. They’re the first decade in which you’re truly free to decide who you want to be, what you want to do, and who with. Up until then, society, our education system, and our carers make those calls.

This can be stressful. Because options mean decisions, and decisions can mean mistakes. Yet, mistakes are essential to your 20s.

But you don’t have to be the one who makes them.

So here are some tips for how to make the most out of your 20s, learnt from my own adventures, misadventures and, yes, mistakes.

Because, after all, who…

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We all know the joke: that the British offer tea as a solution to every problem. Feeling ill? Have a cup of tea. Lost your job? I’ll put the kettle on. Relationship problems? Milk, two sugars, right?

Well, I’m like that, except with books. A friend in crisis can expect both a shoulder and a book to cry on. I’ll give advice. Then reference it in full, and follow up with some hard copies in the post.

In my world, there’s a book for every problem. Which is how I’ve ended up with a growing catalogue of personal development texts.

Sophie Leane

Editor | Writer | Contributor - The Startup, Be Yourself, NLP School. Founder of the Ethical Wellness Tea Company NUDITEA — www.nuditea.uk

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