Should you tell your kids the ‘truth’ about Santa?
ABC News

I find the flavour of this article rather hard… Santa is not a “lie” Santa , St Nicholas, Father Christmas, Babushka ..they were real and revered in their time. I understand if this article is aimed at the consumer but i believe it is very important for children to have a childhood some magic and mystery in these very hard times of realism that takes away childhood all too early…

There are so many other ways to gently let children work it out for themselves and giving advice like this does not suit all families, esp broken ones, and does not suit all children …

Allowing children when they start asking ( not before) to know that some people believe in magic and some don’t and that Santa stands for more than just some guy who gives presents, but who represents belief bigger than we can understand, hope ,generosity, universal Love….

These values are important for children in hard times where the bubble is being burst all too early..

Telling children that their parents are Santa’s helpers could soften the blow

That they could be Secret Santa for a small child

There are so many ways…

I took a walk with my 7 year old who still believes last night and broached the topic…. while we walking we found some magic bubble mixture someone had dropped on the side walk and the kookaburras began laughing… we talked about how did that mixture get there.. we will never know and how do the kookaburras know it is going to Rain

Somethings we will never know and i believe that is important …

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