The Journey

As I sit on the train crossing the south coast of France, gazing out of the window as we pass by vineyards, farm houses and row upon row of typical Provençale style red roofs, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude.

From sea to sea, I have travelled across many countries and continents, but this is where I truly feel home. On a journey.

When I think back along my many travels, to places where I felt most at peace, it is always the journey. From long, dusty drives through the Namib desert, to winding roads through melting snow along Vancouver island, it is the journey that feels me with anticipation, excitement and a sense of serenity.

There’s something I relish about the solitude I find amongst these journeys, even when surrounded by other people on their own journeys. It’s a time I can retreat, reflect and just be. I can spend an entire journey simply gazing out of a window, my eyes flitting over every details before me, filling my head with stories and my heart with warmth.

Witnessing the sheer grandeur of nature from the window, watching the colours merge and change, the leaves turning from vibrant green to shades of ochre and copper, set against the rich sienna soil. Absorbing this beauty brings tears to my eyes and as I take it all in, I inhale deeply, almost as if I could smell it, despite the shell of the carriage that separates us.

There is a connection I feel travelling by land that is absent during air travel. Planes and airports feel foreign to me, no matter how many I have passed through. There is much to be admired by taking a slower route.

The music swells; the soundtrack to my journeys is always the same. One simple song can instantly transport me back to one of these journeys, and with it the sights, sounds and sense of tranquility I enjoyed.

I don’t really know why I am writing this, I simply felt compelled to by a part of my gypsy soul. There is no agenda behind my words. No hyperlinks. No sales pitch.

I am grateful to the universe for constantly providing me with exactly what I need. For synchronicity, abundance, and love. For allowing me to find strength through adversity, learn lessons from challenges, and to guide me on the greatest journey of all — life.