Stop Thinking Of Yourself As Just An Intern When Writing About Your Work Experience

While job hunting, we’ve all seen the entry level job that requires “1–3 years of experience” and we think to ourselves, “How am I supposed to get this entry level job straight out of college when I have little to no experience?!”

Look as your internship as professional experience! When crafting your resume, LinkedIn, portfolios, etc., talk about your internships as real world experience and not just “an internship.”

Here’s how I wrote my LinkedIn bio:

Hi! I’m Sophie Bounphisai, a social media marketer with 3.5 years+ of professional experience working with various organizations, startups, firms and small businesses. I help businesses grow their online presence with social media marketing and branding. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology and a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation from Purdue University.

3.5 years of experience includes my internship with Purdue Marketing and Media. I worked there for almost 3 years. You did the work in your internships, show it off!

Here are some steps you can follow when writing about your work experience:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Talk about you do and how many years of experience you have
  3. Add education. If you are still a student, say your year, what degree you are pursuing, any positions you hold in organizations, etc. If you graduated already, say what your degree is and from where.

Good luck writing! Tweet me if you have any questions or need a second opinion.

— Sophie B.