Webshop Slack Friday — Where did my shoppers go?

I could’ve done things different. I could’ve advertise more to get attention. I could’ve…” — Everyone is smarter as time passes. So tell the Captain Obvious inside you to move along and take your time to focus a little bit more on the future. So what questions are worth asking? — Now that’s a good question to start with.

Did I promote myself the right way?

„I gave like 50% off everything plus free shipping, yet nobody cared..”

If you did that, then you did partially good only. First and foremost, you need to think ahead and decide which products should be discounted. You need to figure out a product that will be your customer magnet. Going for all in is not the way. It will just draw away valuable attention from the leading product. There are two options in your hand: you either knock down the price of an already popular item, or push the cart of a dwindling one.

Why did I run out of stock?

„Few items ran out of stock, then the shoppers stopped. I swear to God I had so many stuffs”

Oh the shame of „Out of stock” sign hanging on your page. So close yet so far away. You might have stocked, but did you have enough of the leading product? Don’t underestimate the shopping power of Cyber Monday: Adobe’s Digital Index pointed out that last year the online sale revenue reached $3 billion! Be sure to pile up as many supplies as you can from the sale products. Take into account that there might be hiccups with your subcontractors, as you aren’t the only one who orders larger quantities for Cyber Monday.

I did prepare enough, right??

„I don’t get it, I’ve started planning a week before the events!”

If you don’t start the preparations one or two months before the events, then you’re most likely running with scissors. In the last phase of your planning scenario you should start preselling. Prepare some smaller sales for the days preceding Black Friday. Starting the sales earlier also provides a chance to get rid of the less attractive stocks and distribute customer attention evenly.

„Preselling is like a trailer of a movie you’re interested in.”

But it is also great for testing your website, if it can hold bigger traffic than usual!

What did the big fish do?

„I can’t compete with the big companies anyways.”

Wrong. It’s not about you can or can’t, it’s about finding your spot on the market and choosing your offers according to that. The fact is, that there will be enough competitors on your level. Stay focused, don’t let them be the winners of Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Study their marketing strategy, special coupons and their prices! It also pays off to come up with a unique, one-of-a kind offer. And take a look on what the industry veterans doing. Borrow ideas from big-name retailers, because they know what they are doing.

Create personalized offers with well-crafted Call To Action words that fit into the theme. Cater to different target demographic with varying tastes and preferences. Analyze the data you have about the expectable audience, and turn the gap between the visitor’s age, gender and location to your side.

Was it pretty enough?

Make sure your webshop’s image, mirrors the holidays and put out eye candies that center around your top-selling items. It goes without saying that all design related task should be prepared in advance. A dedicated landing page and a store front highlighting your best-sellers are also must haves. Applying landing pages with counters and eyedroppers can immediately gain the attention of the customers who are seeking for limited offers and massive discounts.

„Member when you saw that shiney new car at the dealer? Member how shiney it was?”

Now that’s how your website should look like.

Was my website visitor friendly?

The sudden change in design and layout may yield unexpected glitches or poor performance, which leads to dropping conversion rates. Keep in mind that these two holidays produce the largest traffic in the whole year! Ensure the website handles the increased traffic. Don’t be affraid of optimization tools. They exist for a reason.

„There are a ton of them out there that you can choose from.”

Speaking of optimization, you’ll have to make sure, that your fancy new redesigned website won’t take too much time away from your custommers.

How was the shopping experience?

It has to be silky smooth and super fast. Not just like „I’m about to late from work fast” It needs to be The Flash fast!

„Okay, but how do I do that?”

Simple. You compress the images properly, since buffering high-res photos can take decades. If you skipped this part, then there is a chance that your visitors skipped your shopping cart too.

You also could’ve got rid of unused scripts, that run in the background. I know they don’t eat too much, but on major events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the traffic increases and as I said earlier, every milisecond counts. „Member?” Next time make sure that you test your speed on GTmetrix.

I offered so much, why did they leave?

When they buy a specific item, recommend them the corresponding accessories, or another item that makes a good match with it. Keep visitors circulating in your webshop even after they purchased something by revealing ads for additional sales.

According to statistics, a large percent of visitors who receive abandoned cart alerts will return and finish their purchase. An effective alert should be personalized and quick. You can also emphasize urgency by revealing the dropping stock levels. This adds a „ticking clock” effect that plays on the customer’s fear of missing out something.

Next time use interstitials as a last move to gain the leaving ones back. Optimonk’s exit intent technology allows you to detect the moment they try to exit your site and display a targeted offer to your visitor.

Exit intent popups are a great way to attract almost leaving customers back to purchase. These prove to be very effective, like one last chance to grab the attention of exiting customers with a special deal or huge discount. And the same applies here: DESIGN IS KING!

What questions would you ask? Please share it in the comments below — I’d love to see your thoughts!