I Deleted My Facebook Account and This is What I Found
Timothy R. Myers

“Yeah, I should probably do that too. I get nothing out of it.” The addiction is real and is shared by millions. — I do backup this addiction sadly. But I’m trying to focus my attention on things that I like, so it won’t screw with my social life.

“I’ve even spoken to a friend, previously connected with on Facebook, at a coffeehouse; in person. It was a marvelous experience.” — I’ve experienced this too. People are so different in person. Being connected online will never be the same, regardless of the state of tech. We are humans, flesh and bones with souls. This can never be digitized by 100%. Communication is so much more than just words in written or spoken form. You might laugh at me, but the person who taught me this, was my dog. He doesn’t need to hide behind an online platform to express his real feelings. I love your article, thank you for sharing! :)

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