Why I do Yoga

I started practicing yoga at first for the physical benefits, to keep fit and healthy. However naturally with yoga, the more I practiced the more I realised there was more to it.

When I started yoga I was well and truly disconnected from my body, I had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise and I was continually punishing myself to get to perfection. It was through yoga that I slowly started to listen to my body and become more aware in my body, how it felt in certain situations, how it reacted to situations, did it feel good to be here? Then I found the breath, a new found tool I could use to react to these situations.

This was a revelation to me, it was the moment where my yoga changed from a physical practice to also a spiritual practice. I discovered that when it’s all strain and grunt in yoga, it doesn’t work as well. You never quite get to that oozie stage where you can glide into poses effortlessly. It’s in that delicate connection with the breath, not too hard, not too soft, not so much effort but not caving in, in that weightless space, that I found the kind of peace I needed.

Yoga has gone from an hour of sweating to improve my body, to an hour in my day where I can accept my body. Any insecurities or worries hiding in my head, are quietened down when I practice yoga. It might only be for 1 or 2 seconds, but it helps me stop believing them for those moments.

I was drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, I still am, however it’s the deeper side that has kept me there. Don’t get me wrong a still have negative thoughts during yoga and in life, they never really go away, however I now have the tools to help deal with them thanks to yoga

I do yoga to shut my mind up. Yoga for me is moving meditation. A place where I can move in my body, where I am not my thoughts, I am more than that.

Why do you do yoga?