Beach Themed Wedding Favors — Ideas To Inspire Your Creativity

Planning a wedding is a humungous undertaking. There are just so many decisions to be taken and so many details to be worked out — it is easy for the bride and groom to feel overwhelmed with the process. But the wedding is also a once in a lifetime celebration — a day that should be memorable for the couple as well as all of their loved ones who are attending the ceremony. Wedding party favors are one of the many crucial decisions you will be making to ensure that your big day is as special as it can be. However, if you have planned a beach wedding, you are pretty much sorted! Not only will the ceremony turn out to be great (owing to the amazing seaside setting you have selected) but you can also spice up the affair with beach themed wedding favors that are easy to get and will be highly appreciated by all your guests. Here are some ideas to inspire your selection:

Flip-Flip inspired gifts

That’s right — you can actually go down this route and make your wedding favors cheeky and amusing! After all, no one goes to the without wearing flip-flops unless they prefer walking the sandy shore barefoot. You have a lot of options for flip-flop inspired wedding favors. For one, you can get flip-flop shaped luggage tags for your guests. Made of light and colorful flip-flop hard materials and adorned with a flower, you can have flip-flop luggage tags personalized with a message. Flip flop shaped photo frames are also available these days — an amazing gift that will help your guests reminisce on the great time they had at your wedding.

Sand and sea inspired gifts

What is a beach wedding if you didn’t bring back a little sand and sea with you? Beach themed wedding favors inspired from the beauty of the ocean will turn out to be amazing gifts for your guests to remember? Think about getting them a bracelet with charms shaped like sea shells. Sea shells of different colors and sizes are also an amazing idea for a wedding favor. Scented candles shaped like sand castles are too cool to imagine. Shell shaped candle holders, dishes, bowls and pails designed with ocean motifs, bottle openers shaped like star fish — the ideas are just too many. Visit any seller of beach themed wedding favors online and choose from an array of unique and interesting gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your day even more special.

Lantern inspired gifts

Beach weddings can be made even more romantic and alluring if you use lanterns as wedding favors. The candle inside will only add to the mood of the party and the guests receiving it will love to take the gift back home with them. Motifs like lighthouse shapes and sea shell designs are quite easy to find in the market.

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