Wedding Favor Ideas

One may ask why is planning or wedding favors so important?

Agreed that you might already be very busy in keeping an eye on the other preparations for the D-day, but even so, wedding favors should not just be treated as mere gifts for the guests. They play an important role in complementing the look of the entire wedding event. In addition, they can serve as keepsakes of the wedding.

Given that large varieties of gifts are available in the market, selecting the wedding favor is not a tough task. One of the biggest things to consider while choosing it is your budget for the wedding so you can select the wedding favors accordingly. However, most nuptials nowadays happen to be themed, as the brides and grooms are choosing to be unique and personal. Unique wedding party favors can therefore, be designed and chosen in accordance with the overall theme of the celebrations so that the entire event comes together in a grand way.

Choosing gifts for wedding parties includes carefully choosing selecting that can serve a purpose. Looking for multi-functional favors really makes practical sense, especially for those who are on a tight budget. Some of the things that you can use as wedding favors, which serve a dual purpose, are as follows:

• Cookies: Edible favors are also a big hit for weddings these days. And do you know what would be a great idea here -Couple cookies! It’s easy to do by making two molds, one in the shape of a girl and the other in the shape of a boy. Put these two cookies inside a wedding favor bag or box and voila — your charming gift is ready! You can also be creative with the packaging of favors, use personalized wedding favor gift bags and tie it with a lace or ribbon in the color of your bridesmaid dresses. If you find couple cookies to be expensive, you can have cookies in different shapes like hearts, flowers, and stars and decorate them with colorful frosting.

• Candies: If your guests have a sweet tooth, candy would be a perfect gift. The biggest plus with candy is that there are practically a lot of options to choose from, like sugar candies, the ones coated with chocolate or strawberry, or M & Ms. Your guests will be sure to have fun remembering their childhood and relishing these sweets. And then there is the matter of your little guests, who will literally be in heaven.

• Champagne flutes: If you and your partner are the sort of couple that regularly sees friends over drinks, it would probably be best to go with wedding champagne flutes as favors for your guests. Personalize it to make it special and interesting by printing your name and wedding date and your friends will surely identify you two with it.

You can also choose to give away customized wedding favors that can blend away into any wedding theme or any other occasion. For more options, visit


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