“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…”

I’m a keen, but nervous cyclist. I’ve fallen off my bike a few times (getting used to cleats the hard way) and my much loved cousin tragically lost his life whilst cycling in the USA last year.

It is therefore no surprise that when I strap my precious daughter into her bike seat, I set off down the busy street of Mill Road with a bit of trepidation.

We all know that Cambridge is a city of academia, arts, culture and of course punting, but it’s also a city brimming with cyclists. It pains me to see a person on a bike with no helmet, no lights and often wearing headphones, but bike safety is a whole different ball game and a much bigger issue.

I want to find those cycle routes in and around Cambridge that take us out of the hustle of the city and onto designated cycle paths or quiet roads where I can chat to my passenger on the back, enjoy the space and not be intimidated by the cars, buses and those restless cyclists who are far more self assured on two wheels than me.

For example, I love getting off the underpass on Newmarket road and heading down to the river and cycling to Midsummer Common on to Jesus Green. This is a short ride and a nice alternative route into town. However it does get busy and I’m sure we’re missing out on some great adventures. What cycle routes do you enjoy in and around the city and would recommend exploring?

I’d love to hear your suggestions and would happily compile a list for us to all share. Please feel free to share on twitter https://twitter.com/Can_do_Camb

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CandoCambridge/

Thank you and happy cycling