Hello México…. aka CDMX

Spring in CDMX — © Stanek Photography 2017

I have been in México City for just under a month now and, having visited before, I had a vague idea of what I was in for, although I must admit it has far out reached those preconceived expectations from my first visits.

With the beginning of Primavera (Spring) upon us, this city is blooming not only with amazing vibrant purple blossom (Jacaranda Trees) but also with a feeling of optimism that spring always brings. I am a huge fan of walking around cities and México is most definitely perfect for this with markets to find, food to taste, Margaritas to drink and endless amounts more to explore.

The city has an incredibly beautiful large park ‘Parque Rosario Castellanos’, with museums to visit, lakes to read by and the most naughty squirrels I have ever seen! Although not a place to walk at night, in the day and at the weekends it is full with markets, children and families. Mexicans are very good at enjoying their outside space; last weekend we discovered a small park in ‘Ciudadela’ where people come together to dance. The atmosphere was so romantic as the sun went down, littering the park with beautiful evening light.

Dancing the afternoon away — © Stanek Photography 2017

Here I have found the people to be very kind, generous and upbeat but in a country that you (assuming) do not speak the language you always feel a little aware. One thing you have to remember in México is there is immense poverty and therefore you must be careful and logical in your behaviour. We frequently hear on the news of the crime levels in this country but I have not felt uncomfortable. I am very careful and I have taken the advice of the locals to be vigilant and discreet, please don’t bring expensive jewelry.

© Stanek Photography 2017 — some Artisan treats I have picked up along the way. Visit ‘San Angel market’ or ‘Artesanias Ciudadela’

The food!!!

I am of course all about the food! With more time to explore, I have found some wonderful places and eaten incredibly well! In fact I can safely say that I haven’t had a bad meal yet, agreeably I am at my most happy when I am eating. So therefore I am always enjoying my meal but I am also critical when I feel something isn’t up to what I expected; a rare occurrence here it seems.

Here are a couple of the places I have visited and loved….

Dulcinea Cocina Urbana….

Extremely innovative, modern, fresh food, perfect for an inexpensive lunch. I had the most delicious globe artichoke with goats cheese & a zingy curry sauce to dip in and to finish a chocolate mouse with cheese and fruit. Quirky and clever!

© Stanek Photography 2017 - DULCINEA COCINA URBANA

San Angel Inn

A firm favourite of mine, this is not the best food in México but the setting is wonderful in an old Carmelite monastery. This is perfect for someone who loves tradition, I would recommend the Ceasar salad and you MUST have a margarita here. If you go on a Saturday you can also visit the San Angel markets which are a gold mine of Artisan products and experience you must not miss.

© Stanek Photography 2017 — The best Margarita in CDMX — San Angel Inn

‘Dulcea Patria’ en las alcobas

This modern take of Mexican cuisine is an extremely theatrical and eccentric take on some classics. The atmosphere is young, fashionable and packed with character. I loved this experience and with Chef Martha Ortiz at the realm, it makes it even more enjoyable to see such clever gastronomy thrive in CDMX.

© Stanek Photography 2017 — Dulce Patria by Chef Martha Ortiz


I feel I should also say that the supermarkets are wonderful as well. Most of the food is sourced from México itself and it is extremely easy to source local products. I am enchanted by the array of vegetables and fruits you can buy, as a chef this is a real treat! I am slightly addicted to the chocolate and coffee, do not miss going and having a look!

© Stanek Photography 2017


This city is an endless adventure which you just have to embrace, we went to ‘Downtown’ last weekend and at one point I was standing within the remains of an Aztec pyramid ‘Templo de Tláloc’, whilst admiring the view of the ‘Catedral Metropolitana de la cuidad de México’. Completely breathtaking. It is simply impossible to be bored whether you love history, architecture, food, wildlife, books, markets, walking etc in this huge city. My adventure feels like it has only just begun!

standing within the remains of an Aztec pyramid ‘Templo de Tláloc’, whilst admiring the view of the ‘Catedral Metropolitana de la cuidad de México’ © Stanek Photography 2017

More to follow as I continue exploring this beautiful part of the world…..


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