Managing, Securing and Sharing with Guru Transfer

Does privacy means everything to you? Do you take extra precaution with your documents every single time while transferring them??Well in our tech savvy world it is better to be careful rather than sorry where our personal and sensitive information is concerned. Or the main issue that is eating up your mind is always seems to be the length of the document considering you are handling a work where document sharing ,sorting and managing is though the main headache but is one of the essential work.So forget your tension of large file transfer and security in one go with the arrival of a single, elegant and highly secured app-Guru Transfer. Now you don’t have to worry about your sensitive document while transferring. Your heavy documents, high quality images and videos are completely safe while sharing through Guru Transfer. We believe in shielding and protecting your information from others as well as from ourselves with high end security layouts till it is removed from our system. Guru Transfer provides an easy to transfer service with an amazing quality of handling efficiently the increased size,volume ornumber of connection.

With different kind of data sharing and the need to systemize the data transfer process wrapped with security, scalability and efficiency, Guru Transfer effectively sees and full fills the demand of a managed file transfer system. Guru Transfer offers an opportunity to evolve at a higher phase for the data transfer by providing a highly secure, light weight and scalable document sharing experience. You can preview all the files before even selecting them and only within the app. With its calendar based search, you can easily filter, sort and manage your files. You want to Send Big Files Online or need to Send Large Images to one or multiple persons, you can do that by a simple one click with Guru Transfer in your phone. Guru Transfer can also be used to easily Upload Large File Free to anytime and to anyone online. You or your friend even don’t need to have it pre-installed in their phone before sending the files.With many different additional qualities that are meant to make your experience a smooth and refreshed one are available at your disposal through Guru Transfer. We have thoroughly accessed the needs and problems regarding data transfer and come up with Guru Transfer as a complete package to offer the easiest and simplest app anywhere. We have made the app for both of the users with its iOS and android version. Download the Guru Transfer app from Google Play Store. Try this elegant app and say good bye to your heavy file sharing problems.Visit us at for more info.


Managing and securely transferring your Upload Large File Free made easy with Guru Transfer-an app to make you daily life easy around large file/image or notes sharing.

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