From Sketches to Scalable Vector Graphics

How to create custom web art from line drawings

Tools: Sketching supplies (preferably black pens, pencils, erasers, white paper, etc.), Scanner, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Drawing on paper can be a creative and stress release, when you spend most of your day in front of a screen. You can take your drawings and turn then into digital SVGs in a 7 short steps. SVG stands for scalable vector graphic. Meaning unlike JPGS they are made up of vector points and therefore can be scaled to very large screen sizes and will always look sharp…

As mobile use continues to rise we need to ensure that our sites are not only responsive, but that they are taking into consideration how the user is holding their device and why they are using their phones to reach the webpage.

We know that even more so than with desktop, when users are on their phones they are often multi-tasking. It becomes even more important to be super clear and considerate with our layouts.

Scott Hoober did some great research about how users are typically holding their devices.

Luke Wroblewski has lots of great resources on his site about…

Sophie Young

Designer, Juno College of Technology FE & General Assembly UXDI & USC Roski Grad, art producer, designed for, CBS, & start-ups,

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