Liberty Mutual “Brad” commercial: Everyone hates it

Insurance company TV ad unites a divided US in outrage


America is a divided country. And, in this election year, the divisions are felt more frequently than ever — and more passionately.

But there’s one thing I’ve noticed that everyone agrees about, across the board: they all hate Liberty Mutual’s “Brad” commercial!

You’ve probably seen it many times. You know the one — a young woman, seeming to stand in front of the Statue of Liberty, delivers a speech about all these things “you” did. You bought a car, named it Brad, Brad this Brad that, you crashed Brad, nothing will replace Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, “and then you break into your happy dance.” In case you somehow missed it, take a look:

Why is everyone so up in arms? What makes this piece of crap so much more unanimously reviled than all the other pieces of crap we watch together every day?

For my part, it might be that I just don’t want to hear from anyone who has “a happy dance”! Anyone who has “a happy dance” is probably manipulative and entitled. No, thanks. Brad can have you!

Maybe it’s just the way she says “Brad,” slightly drawing that a out, so that she sounds somewhat like a goat.

Or could it be that it’s just on too often?

We may never know for sure just exactly what it is that makes Liberty Mutual’s “Brad” commercial so hated. But one thing is for certain: people simply cannot stand it!


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