Brainstorming How to Tie March Project to Long Term Goals

Creating my business’s first case study covering what we did for a motion design project
  1. Create one to three minute long technical explainer videos for organizations and businesses with one to five employees whose missions I believe in.
  2. Grow my personal brand centered around video production, video editing and storytelling.
  1. Create a clear picture in your mind of what you want.
  2. Refine that picture by talking to people — why do you want what you want?
  3. Take concrete action toward your goal. Accept that you don’t know exactly what to work on yet. (If you do know exactly what to work on, burn your goal. It’s not challenging you.) Devote everything you have to completing the concrete action to the best of your ability. Push yourself. Get uncomfortable. In the moments where you really don’t want to keep going, when you don’t want to write another draft of a blog post, give EVERYTHING. Write two more drafts past the point where you wanted to just submit.
  4. Have a bent toward trying things you haven’t done yet. (Again, if you really have an idea of how to accomplish your “big picture” goal before you’ve started it, throw it away. Stop reading this article if you don’t want to push yourself.)
  5. Become obsessed with the things you can control and be grateful.




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Sophy McNamara

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