Running a Motion Design Agency for a Month

  • Interview with the founder of a high end video marketing agency
  • Project writeup of a motion design project including the initial brief, finished product, and client testimonial
  • Case study of the initial stages of a motion design project, from discovery call to initial animations
  • Comprehensive tutorials on how to use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator for motion design
  • An outline of how I marketed the After Effects and Illustrator tutorials on YouTube and Tiktok. My TikToks marketing the tutorials have over 3,300 views.
  • An outline of the animation storyboard process
  • A worksheet system to streamline the creation of resource projects like this. I did this project as part of my curriculum for Discover Praxis, an entrepreneurial apprenticeship program. Praxis decided to share my worksheet system with future participants as they go through the curriculum!
  • A client testimonial outlining the client journey

What I did each week for a month to create these resources:

The drawings for my After Effects tutorial about how to create your first video in After Effects

What I learned by making these resources:

  • It’s powerful to position yourself as a beginner
  • How to ask people for advice when brainstorming a project like this
  • How to write about what I’m doing and my goals as a brainstorming exercise
  • Improved my Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator skills
  • Learned about video marketing
  • Learned about running a business
  • How to create a podcast and how to start an RSS feed for it
  • How to export gifs for professional projects (using Photoshop)
  • How to brainstorm and storyboard ads
  • How to manage a month long project
  • How to gather video testimonials from clients using Glimpse Video
  • Improved my animation skills
  • Improved my script writing skills
  • Improved my storyboarding skills
  • How to better market videos on YouTube using strategic titles and thumbnails and creating TikToks

Next time I do a project like this, I’ll use the worksheet system I created to streamline the process.

How I’ll use what I did this month to work toward my long term goal of running a animation based advertising agency:

  • Make more podcast episodes! I had so much fun creating the first episode of The Making Cool Stuff Podcast. This month, I got the ball rolling by creating the podcast title, cover art and posting the first episode. I’m looking forward to talking to more people and learning about their stories. I’m currently scheduling out my next interviews.
  • I’ll use all the content I made this month to market my motion design agency going forward.
  • I’ll use what I learned about coordinating with clients for motion design projects as I take on more motion design projects in the future.
  • I’ll use the worksheet system I created to document other things I’m learning and building in the future.
  • Now that I know how to gather video testimonials, I’ll ask other clients I’ve already done work for and future clients if they’d be willing to give testimonials.



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