I’m Arab and Many of Us Are Glad That Trump Won
Omar Kamel


Thanks for this perspective. I have been trying to make sense of this election. I am a middle class, white woman who has been making some of the same criticisms about this country for YEARS. I have traveled and lived abroad in many countries, and I have been aware of the fact that the impact of our US footprint on the world is widely misunderstood by the United States public and politicians (that’s an understatement, to be sure). I come home from being abroad and tell people my stories of how things are when you aren’t just watching them from your couch, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact. Our foreign policy is so anti-humanitarian and so decidely economic-based. Greed and power is the order of the day. The world, and many of its’ leaders, throw bombs and bodies at each other — OUR BODIES- for a made up, uninformed, excuse that keeps the cogs of hatred and misunderstanding chugging along. What bothers me most is that we (the US) seem to do it in the name of God and Christianity. Pffft…as if!!!

I, am/was too, a Bernie supporter, who was also disappointed in his show of support for sketchy things/people in the last hour of the election. I feel though, that he did what he did because he knew what the other candidate was capable of doing to this country. It was the same decision that most US citizens were faced with — bad, or worse. I would like to hope that this election would prove to be the lesson the United States needs, but I am not very hopeful. Things will have to get much, much worse before they can begin to get better. How’s that for pessimism.

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