The Peterson Group: Sales Collateral Best Practices

Sales collateral, in whatever form, is important in the fulfillment of a marketing strategy. Many people undermine the importance of some of the marketing collateral and would therefore exclude it in the list of their tactics. Most of the times, printed materials are disregarded considering the fact that we are in the midst of digital age. However, just as we thought radios would be obsolete because of the emergence of television or that television will be wiped out because of the internet, each medium still has a place in society.

Those who disregard print materials as marketing materials are reviewed to be ignorant of its great importance. Along with other sales collateral, be it print materials or digital marketing medium, we all need to follow proper practice to be able to fully utilize it well.

Marketing is not as complicated as so many people thinks. The Peterson Group, your number one partner in the creation of effective sales collateral, emphasizes the fun and creativity incorporated in the creation of these materials. Ease the tension and achieve make use of more productive collateral:

1. Make it define your target market

Most of the times, we create a sales collateral depending on the niche we have in mind but some still create vague ideas to ‘cater to all ages’. However, with the blurry vision of target market, you may not be able to express your ideas well since you are playing it safe with the broad choices of audiences. Creation of sales collateral should force you to define to whom you are writing for. Include factors such as industry, region, company size, titles, budgets, purchasing timeframe, etc.

2. Make it accessible

Even after you have targeted your market, you cannot expect it to give you leads when it is just sitting in your storage room waiting for the light. The main purpose that it is there is because you have to use it in saying your pitch.

A marketing professor in Jakarta, Indonesia says, “A major stumbling block is collateral accessibility as dated infrastructures and poorly designed sales content management systems prove unworkable given the sheer volume of content being developed. Companies should look towards sales enablement systems that provide sales reps with instant access to content regardless of where it is stored.”

3. Invest in Sales Training

Not only will it give you better quality sales collateral, it will also train your employees to invest more time, creative ideas and effort in your business, thus, exercising their privilege as employees in the company.