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I don’t think separating transwomen and ciswomen as different is necessarily wrong, neither does it suggest that one is more privileged than the other. The fact is transwomen do not have the same experiences as most ciswomen. They do not experience the same biological setbacks as ciswomen. They have different issues regarding their emotions, psychology, physical biology, etc. So we are not the same, and to suggest otherwise an attempt at erasing the issues that ciswomen have and allowing women’s rights to be taken from them. For example, when it comes to sports, being awarded woman of the year, economic success, etc…many transwomen have already reaped the benefits of success long before transition like Caitlyn Jenner. Many transwomen have had well paying jobs and made more money than the average ciswoman would ever make. I’m not saying that transwomen are more privileged overall. I’m suggesting that transwomen have had privileges that ciswomen would never be able to get in their lifetime. Conversly ciswomen have also had privileges that transwomen could never benefit from, such as the ability to get pregnant (if they consider that a “privilege) or the fact that ciswomen can go on a date and not have to worry about never getting called back just because of what they are (or worse). Of course, even being a ciswomen going on a date alone with a man is dangerous. But the risk is obviously higher for transwomen.

I agree that transwomen’s femininity has caused them to be more targeted for violence because before transition they were assumed as “sissified men”. On the other hand, part of the reason they are targeted is because femininity itself is demeaned, hence why ciswomen are hardly ever respected. We all have one goal, and that is to be more respected for our femininity, however you may see it. But let’s not forget that we have different issues regarding it and so those differences must be distinguished.

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