Importance of Marketing Calendar

The Value of Getting a Marketing Calendar When your company invests time and resources into advertising, it’s also wise to invest time into developing a marketing calendar. The calendar is a record that maps out the dates (by calendar year) of if your company’s marketing efforts will be completed. A well-defined advertising calendar will serve as a valuable tool to help your firm stay organized and consistent. It’s a living document which you ought to update and revise as there are changes during the year.

Let’s look at some of the advantages to having a marketing calendar. Developing a marketing calendar enables everyone on your staff to learn how their personal marketing efforts work together. Your calendar should include content names for guides or books you’re publishing, blog titles, paid advertisements, speaking events, email marketing campaigns, and any other direct marketing campaigns to help to get new business. Given all the different parts of marketing that are incorporated into the calendar, a lot of people might be involved in providing information that goes into it. one person should own the advertising calendar and update it on a continual basis to prevent errors and keep it structured. Once assembled, your calendar will start to reveal the big picture of all marketing efforts and how they support each other. Developing your calendar to align with all your marketing efforts will also let you see when a specific blog post topic ought to be selected to help support an upcoming speaking engagement; or for instance, it can help you figure out when to schedule paid advertising around a coming event. Your promotion calendar often includes topics or headlines of content, products being pushed out, and any new messaging or message testing.

These elements of your calendar are often not organized anywhere else except in the advertising calendar and this information is extremely important to keep tabs on. You understand your audience and when, during the year, a specific message may resonate better than others. Listing holidays on your calendar gives a visual opportunity for when you should structure any holiday promotions or messaging.