You Are Always The True Self.

Who is the true yourself? Do you know your true self? The true self isn’t your body and mind. It isn’t your knowledge and emotion. It isn’t your memories and abilities. It isn’t your favorite things and special skills.

The true self has some obvious nature.

There is only one true self. Because it is only one, it is the same for everyone. In other words, the true self is completely equal.

The true self will not change. It has no movement. Since there is no movement, it will not be affected by changes in the world. In other words, the true self is completely free.

The true self will not be lost. It always exists. It always exists so you can trust. In other words, the true self can be in your own stronghold.

If you have yourself that you believe, you need to make sure it is equal, free and reliable. But even if you believe yourself is different from that, you do not need to be discouraged.

You are always the truth yourself. But you just forget it. You misunderstand that inequality, inconvenience and unreliable body and mind are yourself.

You are always anxious about changes in your physical condition and feelings. You suffer from what you can not be healthy and peaceful. Your life will be a fight to improve that situation. That fight never ends. When you know the true self, you will be able to stop the fight.

The true self is beyond a healthy body and peaceful mind. It is your smallest and oldest nucleus. Even so, it envelops the entire universe. The true self is more valuable than you think.

Can you throw away the illusion that your body and mind are yourself? Increasing the quality of your body and mind is not to know your true self. Of course it is a good thing. If you want to do so, you should. But the goal of life you have to reach is different.

If you know the true self, what you do will be perfect. Even if it is a mistake or wasteful thing, it is perfect. Your heart will despair and sadness. Nevertheless the true self will not be frustrated nor saddened. It is a feeling quietly closing up rather than being indifferent. It is not you that happen to you, but it is you that silent and cuddled there. So, you can challenge anything in this life.

True self is not visible, it is quiet and does not move, it is just there. If you think that you are not worth it, that’s it. However, if you have an innocent interest in it, you will know your true self one day.