You can evolve into a new yourself.

Changes in humanity will take place slowly. It may take thousands of years or more. The change of humanity never happens suddenly. Even now, that change is taking place in a place where no one knows.

The change of the world you are paying attention is trivial. Of course you can not be unrelated to the changing world situation.

World peace and economic stability will be important for you. That is important, but it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to know your own truth.

Your only drawback is that you do not know yourself. The hints to overcome the shortcomings were shown by the wise men 2,500 years ago, but most people could not understand what that means. Someone’s telling learned from the wise men became religion and thought now, and it has become widespread, but no one can understand it. Since no one can understand it, some people tried to interpret an easy-to-understand it. It certainly became easy to understand, but it departed from the important teachings of the wise men. And the wisdom of the wise men became disparate, ignoring important things by some irresponsible interpretation, emphasized that things are not important.

What is ignored as not important is to know your true self. Only knowing the true self can evolve humanity. This is not a change in the social system. It is not something that someone will do for you. You must do it yourself. Therefore, you feel that it is very difficult.

Even if there are 7 billion people on the planet, no one will look out, even if you scream that it is important for you to know the true self alone. Other people work for global peace and economic self-reliance, and they are producing results. Knowing the true self does not help any of them. Even though you are doing your best trying to know your true self, when you look around, it seems pointless what you are doing. So, you will stop finding your true self. So, humanity could not evolve at all since 2,500 years ago.

It can be said that knowing the true self is involved in the root of all religions. Because it is to find God among you and to become that God. There will be various interpretations of God. Here, God is the root of all existence of the universe, it means all its materials.

If you find this God in yourself and become himself yourself, what will happen to you? All religions are no longer necessary. You will neither pray nor fear to God. You only have to be yourself. If many people realized this evolution, the scenery of the world will change.

The evolution of finding your true self is not easy. You have to cross the three big walls. For that reason you do not need to believe someone’s words. No matter what words you will never become your truth. This is the truth you have to find out for yourself in yourself.

There are still a few people who have accomplished this evolution. That number is too small for all human beings and has no influence. Still, I feel that this is the direction for humanity to evolve. There is a person who understands this even a little, this is the gospel of the whole human race. I will keep telling this until I die. It will keep on hope of humanity and I believe that people who inherit this wisdom will certainly appear.

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