Meet the Women of the Future: Grant Winners of the 2019 Magic Leap Creator Program!

Discover the women-led projects selected by Magic Leap for the first Independant Creator program.

Soraya Jaber
5 min readMar 13, 2019

About thirty Independent Creators were shortlisted earlier this month as recipients of the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program Grant.

The program is a fortifying opportunity, where participants receive the best tools to create and promote their applications for the Magic Leap One. The program provides financing, development assistance and communication /marketing support.

Magic Leap one

The official announcement of the recipients was made on February 27th followed by a Bootcamp program from March 4th-6th at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality center in Mountain View, CA.

The wonderful team of the Magic Leap Independant Creator Program

It was an amazing opportunity to meet the Magic Leap team and some of the #IndieCreators. Everyone was friendly and down to earth. It was a true delight to meet all of the passionate people that are part of this program. It truly feels like we’re part of the Magic Leap Family now. During this 3-day bootcamp program, we learned so much from Magic Leap…

Magic Leap Celebrates International Women’s Day

We should keep highlighting brillant VR/AR Women-led projects even after International Women’s Day! The projects selected for the Creator Program are so cool they deserve to be acknowledged all year long! We all share the same vision and excitement for our Spatial Computing Future.

Let’s talk about the inspirational figures who remind women that we should “never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations” [Dr. Mae Jemison].

BadVR inc. uses virtual reality to craft immersive data experiences that help you see the whole picture and gain actionable insights, faster. BadVR provides a universally accessible solution to data. Whether it’s visualizing the perfect placement for 5G towers, or real-time monitoring of the cryptocurrency market, BadVR gives all industries the ability to uncover hidden value in their data.

Suzanne Borders, CEO & co-founder of BadVR, she created BadVR because of her passion and her steadfastness. She had 6+ years of experience in product and UX design. She’s an expert in business strategy. Her knowledge in data visualization and her great love of the framework of VR/AR inspired her to create her business.

I had the chance to meet her at the Bootcamp.

She’s as amazing and inspiring as she is on Twitter! You should definitely check her twitter :)

FUTURE SIGHT AR is exclusively founded by women. Future Sight AR creates augmented, mixed and reality (AR/MR/VR/XR) software productivity solutions for industrial workers.

Before joining the AR/VR industry Lori-Lee Elliott, CEO & Co-founder, attended New York University as graduate fellow. She went on to work in the oil & gas industry on mega-projects around the world. In 2015 she launched her own venture to bridge the gap between the industrial sector and tech.

Currently based out of Houston, Sofia Lazaro, COO & Co-founder, is a Spanish-American agile product manager and entrepreneur obsessed with technology and change. Before joining the e-commerce industry, she was a student at Georgia Tech and then spent 5+ years in B2C operations.

Veena Somareddy Ph.D, is CTO & Co-founder of Future Sight AR and Co-founder of Neura Rehab VR, also she is a Chapter President at VRAR Association in Dallas. Neuro Rehab VR creates engaging, motivating, and fun virtual training exercises for neurological physical therapy leveraging breakthroughs in neuroplasticity. The collaborative solution named Bridge, improves product presentations, training sessions and design reviews. With AR, get rid of real mockups and reduce your logistics costs.

Emmanuelle ROGER, CEO & Co-founder, is a French entrepreneur based in Paris just like us :)

Obsess enables immersive, contextual and fully visual online shopping experiences, targeted to mobile. Their ‘3D Commerce Cloud’​ platform lets brands and retailers run highly interactive and branded online stores on their websites. Experiences powered by Obsess increase consumer engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Neha Singh, Founder & CEO Obsess. She launched web and mobile products reaching millions of users at Google and Vogue. She based in New York. She was previously the Head of Product at Vogue. While there, she launched the Vogue website, Vogue Runway and 2 mobile apps. Prior to that, Neha was VP of Product and Engineering at AHAlife, an ecommerce startup for luxury lifestyle products. Neha began her career at Google, where she was a Software Engineer and Tech Lead for 5 years and worked on Google AdWords and Google News. She holds an undergraduate Computer Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a graduate Computer Science degree from MIT.

PRELOADED make games and immersive experiences that have purpose. They’re designed to inspire, and to educate, and to connect audiences with the stories and subjects that matter to their clients.

Jessica Taylor is the managing Director of games studios PRELOADED. She was Vice President, Experience Design and General Manager, Antenna Lab at Antanna International before she joined Prealoaded. She has more than 20 years of experiences in management and strategy.

Xennial Digital (XD) is a digital agency with a strong focus on XR (VR/AR/MR) enterprise and educational solutions. XD also offers a strategic set of enterprise-level digital services.

Dawn Smith, CCO at Xennial Digital. After her experience as CMO and Executive Program Director for the Miami unit of global digital agency Mirum (part of WPP Group) as well as 20 years of experience in the industry, Dawn has joined Xennial Digital to focus on designing and developing meaningful digital experiences that enrich people’s lives and help them enhance their knowledge.Through a strategic relationship with Softtek, a global provider of technology solutions, Dawn is also a Senior Advisor Digital Solutions providing expertise and consulting services to Softtek’s clients.

Can’t wait to meet everyone and discover their project on the Magic Leap One!

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